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    For the 10th season in a row, I'm stuck with the same managers

    (I wanted to start this thread last week, but I just realized I instead put the following topic into answering another thread.)

    I've started a thread on this five seasons ago, but nothing has changed.

    The last time I saw a different manager from the same six others, it was 10 seasons ago. That guy finished 8th and failed to advance. Since then, it has been the same seven human managers every single season, together with seven computer teams.

    Seriously, the game is getting stale.

    And don't tell me about friend lists. Just because two of us are in the same association and friended, doesn't mean the other five have to tag along every single damn season.

    Jeeves, any insights? I don't need explanations. I need solutions.
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    TE is the first game where I don't want to gain levels. Nothing good comes from it. Weird situations, problems and troubles, and generally less fun.
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    It wasn't our day.

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    Well I can tell you that these issues are on the radar here. Unfortunately I can't offer a fix for the situation at the moment. I wish I could though.

    My oldest account is up there with the rest of you and I know first hand what's been talked about. There are other threads on the same subject actually.
    Here are the two main threads:
    1. Uneven playing field
    2. High Level Clubs - League draw issues at high levels

    I will close the thread now. As explained, the concerns you have are already being discussed in those two threads and I would like the discussion to stay there so we can more easily gather feedback and write down what kind of experience everyone has.

    Thread Closed