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    Quote Originally Posted by Antonio Gustavo Hernandez View Post
    They may change their asso. Moreover, how they can from now on exploit by 5 in a day?
    The number of loans doesn't go away so basically they would have to abandon their asso entirely to evade ban and this is the last thing exploiters would be willing to do.

    The 5 rest packs per day is basically a very good measure to avoid exploiting, but people will always find a way to exploit. Maybe in the future something else might come up. I don't know, I'm just speculating.

    What is needed though is a company like Nordeus to punish the exploiters accordingly and make people possibly looking for ways to cheat to double-think about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeManiaque View Post
    Btw, it's sketchy to ban team From Sale based on this screenshot... the same ToS pp that would ban them can also ban the _ savage _1 for attempting to buy a team.
    Just for the record, I never said I wanted to buy his team, I just asked if it was for sale and how much he wanted... a subtle, and intended, difference
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    Good move, 5 rests per day, 10 rests per weekend.

    Problem is my association members doesn't want to use heal. They rather loan and not playing them cos condition too low. Why dont just do away with the rest thing? Let every player turn 100% just for association games and reset back after the match.
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    It's still a work in progress, and it's a shame that users will go to these lengths to cheat, but thank you Nordeus for taking the matter seriously. I know sometimes we can get impatient seeing the same groups using the same cheats over and over, but this has been a really positive step. It'll take some time to weed out which organizations actually cheated, and which ones just exploited the system within the rules, but the way that associations is set up, teams that start struggling without the ability to send so many rests will not win as many points and will start dropping down the standings. It'll just take some time to recalibrate.
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