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Thread: What age is too old?

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    What age is too old?

    I've had great success with my team, but now some of them are getting on. I am investing in some youth. What age is too old in top eleven?

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    I'll keep decent people until 24 yrs old. Exceptional people will stay on my team until they retire.

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    Age is just a Number Boi, once i won the league just because of 31 years old DL who was surprisingly good at assisting corners he made like 30 assists per season every corner was a goal ,i never found someone like him to this day
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    Age is not as important as it has been. I would say, as long as he can keep up keep him.

    I have several 30 years or near players, that is dominating still
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    What age is too old?-screenshot_2017-01-19-16-57-44.jpg

    No rush
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    I keep all players until their performance drops. A common mistake is going too young and ending up with too many under performing young players
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    It's good to have a mixture. I agree with earlier comments about having too many under-performing young players. I think you need a good balance of age and youth.

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    Brilliant question
    I have always been selling my players a bit young....around 23-24.
    I tend to go by the star ratings and since young players grow faster, my team tends to be full of 18-21 year olds.
    However, I do agree there are quite a few times they underperform, esp in finals and decider matches.
    Would appreciate if some of the more experienced folks could advice whether:
    1. There are certain areas of team, eg. defence, where aged players are better than young players even when the young one is a star better.
    2. How to decide between whether weather to go for a young player who will progress more with lesser greens OR keep an experienced veteran (may not be a single golden formula...just experiences are good)
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    I always like to have a mixtured squad. Older players bring experience to the table which is always necessary for the better development of younger players.

    I find it extremely important especially in defence. Something like Milan of the good ol' days when they had all these extremely experienced players in the defence.
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    I've always found that an old wise head in midfield helps...
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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