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Thread: Countermeasures against tanking

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    Countermeasures against tanking

    My teams from previous season are tanking (or to be more specific, I don't want to move on, possibly in the following seasons too).
    It happened also in previous season but I forgot to keep pics.

    My Leagues are full of tankers
    Countermeasures against tanking-tanking-league-table.jpg

    Countermeasures against tanking-tanking-league.jpg

    Only two teams promoted from previous season/level.
    At the end of this season, 8 or 9 teams (so it's 7 tankers) gonna promote.

    Are those Countermeasures against tanking ?
    Countermeasures against tanking-tanking-league-pic.jpg

    * There is already a conversation about tanking here
    so there is no reason start saying the same things here.
    You can continue there
    This thread is for anyone who has the same experience this or previous seasons.
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    Let me think how to contribute here, I have a master in this matter lol

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    I am tanking with Panathinaikos,last season the same,only 1 team from all 14 teams in my league, was not tanking last season

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    I saw something similar with my second team who is facing a 110% average league and 6 former tankers.
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    Many tankers for my second team as well last season. One of them was mine.

    It seems that at lower levels tanking is very famous.

    It makes sense as money are few and it is impossible to buy fast expensive nordgens every season.

    So you tank stars quality, greens and money as well
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