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Thread: Season 92 - Are you ready?

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    back fighting for top spot after 3 draws,only club unbeaten,3qtrs of squad 18yrs so boads well for the future, just have to highlight club legend just scored his 250th league goal, his avg is awesome ,my only player over 24
    Season 92 - Are you ready?-ure.jpgSeason 92 - Are you ready?-miki.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by nash123 View Post
    Very, very sad start into the day.

    We lost a long time FA member. 1. time he really thought about quitting was after the introducing of the new auction system. 2.time was a big troll result at CL-Final (against a weaker bot-team). I talked to him, he should try it one more season... now he is gone, because auctions are stupid as hell (his words) and the troll-out of the cup, against a 15% weaker bot team. (click for stats)

    I really have to thank you, Nordeus. You are such a great company, listening to your loyal managers. Go on this way and he won't be the last longtime, loyal manager, who left. I really hope, your bots will buy token.
    were going fpr platinum n the same thing,players leaving,long term players ,im 29 myself,why try fix something that wasnt broke ,assholes
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    Tough day in the cup today, as the offense sputtered to a 0-1 defeat, only challenging the opponent's keeper 1 time, despite being 18% stronger team. I think I just messed up tactically, so will just prepare and adjust for the 2nd leg.

    We remain w/ a 100% record in both the cup and cl.

    Associations: Awaiting the draw, but awaiting nervously. We're in Gold 2, and have a low 7* average (around 122%). Last 11 weekends we're 10-1-0-0 (21-1), but the association that beat us has replaced a couple members, sitting around a 125% average. Climbing into the higher leagues, there should be a greater volume of associations around our average quality, so i'm hoping it decreases the odds of drawing them since I don't think we can beat them. It was weird playing them last time because they had 18/19 year old players with 1% stats. Only ways that can happen are by hacking or training a player at level 4 to 6*, then selling to level 5, then training to 6* again, then sell to level 6 and so on... Then, a level 20 manager has an 18 year old player w/ 700% strength.
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    *Cough *Cough *Cough

    Season 92 - Are you ready?-img_0431.jpg

    All thumbs up despite dumb managerial decision. Really pleasing
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    Again my troll out of cup scenario is right after corner


    -Prev season i attended 3 or 4 times only! i lost all of them (with fav. too!) and had one big troll draw! NOT attended games was WIN even against stronger oppos!! (this match was viewed from fake account that's why i know i conceded goal was a corner-header combo)
    -BIG favourite! CHECK
    -"Counter" formation set! CHECK!
    -Concede a goal from such variation (low cross, low heading) CHECK! OHHHHH WWWAIIIT!


    Season 92 - Are you ready?-lev24littletroll.jpg

    no comment.

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    Don't injure my players!!!
    Season 92 - Are you ready?-capture.jpg

    • Hattrick Wellens not worth mentioning
    • Hattrick by Silveira also not worth mentioning
    • The sub Stokke comes in and scores two and one assist, no not worth mentioning
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    Although I am doing fine with both teams I am sensing some new trend. I keep loosing or tieing to lower level teams with incredible high shot efficiencies. More then ever. Last CL was fine. He is almost equal in quality so he got the better side of the coin.

    Possession 55 vs 45
    Shots 14 vs 9
    On target 5 vs 4
    Saves 3 vs 2

    Logical end score is 0-1 for him.

    League game against 12% lower. Stats:
    Him vs me
    Poss 43 vs 57
    Shots 16 vs 25
    On target 5 vs 7
    The logical end score is of course 4-1 loss for me. Whut????

    Next game against a bottom feeder. Shouldn't be a problem. Him vs me.
    Poss 42 vs 58
    Shots 9 vs 21
    On target 3 vs 9
    Saves 6 vs 1
    And the end score is 1-0. Sigh.

    Is my second team doing better then? Cup match. he vs me
    Poss 48-52
    Shots 15 vs 24
    On target 5 vs 10
    Saves 6 vs 5
    End score 0-0

    Cl then Me vs him
    Poss 63 vs 37
    Shots 25 vs 14
    On target 6 vs 5
    Saves 4 vs 3
    End score 1-1

    League Me vs him
    Poss 57-43
    Shots 20 vs 9
    On target 8 vs 3
    Saves 1 vs 5
    And the outcome........ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...............sigh ..................... 2-2

    Is this a pattern? I think it is so. These are results of the last 15 games with incredible results. I don't mind loosing bad games but all games were dominated like mad. Anybody else experiencing this much troll results?

    Still going strong in all divisions somehow. Both teams are in the running for the league, CL and the cup lol. Just how......
    FC Knudde:
    Seasons: 46
    League won: 33
    CL won: 10
    Cup won: 4

    FC Killroy:
    Seasons: 32
    League won: 20
    CL won: 6
    Superleague: 3
    Cup won: 7

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    and Series saved the day with a good assist again.... That's about 10assist coming on as a substitute. I really still don't know how to utilize him though. Cup Semifinals.
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    yes! we going to the semi for cup. A well desreve hard fought victory against a very tough opponent. After a 1-1 draw at home.
    Tonight match is against the leader in my league. A win will put us back at the top.

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    Out of Cup vs a higher level club as the previous 50 seasons.

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