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Thread: This is the point that i decided to REALLY quit

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    There always seems to be that one illogical result in the league. Like losing to a team that clearly has low bonus, and might be inactive in the middle of the season. For example, losing to 9th place 0-1, whom has 14 player roster (low training bonuses) and never attends matches.

    I also think some of these troll results, are actually the result of tactics. Not all, some defy logic, but some I really think are tactics. For example, I once had a match where I lost 1-2 as a 30% favorite in the league. My opponent played 3w-5-2 flat, and I played 4-1-2-1-2 narrow. I went with attacking, high press and short passing, since I was under the assumption short passing was a must with narrow diamond. My opponent i'm pretty sure played, attacking, high press and long balls. What i've learned since is that, if my opponent is pressing high and has limited numbers in the back (3w here) they are vulnerable to counter attacks. I certainly am not going to launch a fast counter attack with short passing. Since I'm pressing high, my defenders can get caught out of position unable to backtrack successfully with long balls over the top. So tactically, i'm being punished for pressing high by his long balls, and he's isn't because my short passing is given his defenders and midfielders time to backtrack. Game goes final and I lose 1-2 as a 30% favorite. I was annoying and cussing out nordeus because I didn't understand it, especially since it was a battle for first. But what I've learned since is that I messed up my tactics big time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcmacdaniel View Post
    I also think some of these troll results, are actually the result of tactics.
    I would think the same, if it wasn't for those home/away games like cups or association where you face the same team with the same formations and tactics, without the opponent being present and obtain 2 completely opposed results in the 2 matches.
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    dat troll game engine is still doing its charm huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meis View Post
    dat troll game engine is still doing its charm huh?
    at his best...

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    2.51k in tokens, how do you get that many.

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