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Thread: This is the point that i decided to REALLY quit

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    Wink This is the point that i decided to REALLY quit

    Pictures speaks themselves... Yes i really think it's permanent (yey i know lot of tokens and greens, don't care really)

    That was the point, thank you guys for being here you gave me lot of joy and fun

    And the pictures:

    This is the point that i decided to REALLY quit-img_0199.jpgThis is the point that i decided to REALLY quit-img_0200.jpg


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    I don't blame you. Take care !
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    Apr 2016
    Another big lose... but it won't be the last.

    Take care!!
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    Don't care, and I don't blame you, try to see the game us real football management, look to this photos from great club in the world

    This is the point that i decided to REALLY quit-1.png
    This is the point that i decided to REALLY quit-2.png
    This is the point that i decided to REALLY quit-3.png

    us you see the big and great club in the world lose some match in league or cup or CL, it's football mate,
    I know we mate a lot of effor to make our team in good position with training, formation etc...

    but i have one advise to give you take a game us real football management

    Good luck my friend

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    on the beach
    i couldn't quit because thing like that ,i always come back, but i'll have to quit soon when i don't have enough tokens to build a new team every season,that wouldn't take long, i ll give it two months from now
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    Thank you guys!

    But really it came up @ important game, not in league where you can fix your mistakes coz u have 26 matches... No just in "right time".... I wont complain if she (yep manager is girl) beats me without red cards,... Hey game engine she got 2 sentofffs, not me

    Calmed down a little bit and yes u r right i might be taking too seriously (thats what i am, who knows me in IRL they know im taking things too seriously)... And yes even if i not quit prolly im gonna fall back as semi-abandoned status... Im gonna check max 1or 2 per day instead of logging back all the time.. I dunno....

    (Off: And yes i had bigger loss in my irl life for example my older sis passed away early of this year in seriously cancer.. And this is absolutely nothing compairing of her loss i know crystal clear)

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    Good point gabez (and sorry for your loss), I know that you 'll miss the forum and some of us if gonna quit.
    It's good time to make a break and wait for the new update.
    Maybe it's something good.
    You know that I 'm staying lv for some seasons now.
    (what a good decision )
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    Gabez Teh - you still going on holiday next month?
    Tank a season. See how things are after some time away.
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    Here is what we need to do. Build up tokens and boosters, and then go away from the game. If Nordeus improves the game, then when we come back we can either come back to our old teams, with the tokens and boosters built up, or just join from the beginning and destroy all the new players since we're already experienced. Of course, maybe expecting Nordeus to listen is wishful thinking, but you never know.
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    sorry for your loss and take care mate. At some point i think you will make a comeback. I did that once and here i am again. damn i am addicted!
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