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Thread: Season 96 - Are you ready?

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    Ok guys it's just a double coz got a troll*** result in cup final against a lady manager (i love them all ^^) who is a cup manipulator too so we are clashing seasons after seasons ***for record i beat her team twice in CL QF ... never mind... I was damn sure that this would happen ... (smooth advancment in CL against her and a fail in cup final)

    Anyway, CL final against active manager
    Season 96 - Are you ready?-lev28clfinal.jpg
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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez

    A demolition, destruction, annihilation, we simply ran away with it...

    Treble is only 3 points away now and I will be like him for sure when we'll have

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    only 2 trophy for me lost my ucl final. No complain not attending and lost against a better team.

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    Second double in my career (lvl four manager)! Won today the CL finals by 4:0; the other team was ~19% weaker but a tough opponent. Semifinal was a close on. Kudos to the oppo manager whose team was ~10% weaker but managed to win in the second leg (4:3) and nearly kicked my out of the tournament. In the end the score was 5:5 for both games but I went to the next round thanks to the my away goals.

    Lost my cup finale against an equal strong team 1:4. Thought that I could have a chance this season for my first tripple after manipulating the draw at the end of the last season.

    Two league games still remaining but the league title is secure. Lost only two games and had two draws (asso not counting). In the league I am from the beginning on a winning streak. Hopefully it will last till tomorrow.

    Season 96 - Are you ready?-liga_vorletztertag.jpgSeason 96 - Are you ready?-statistik-der-saison_vorletztertag.jpg
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    What have you learned from last season?
    Win Tokens!

    Where did you place last season?
    Champions Cup!

    Today Final UCL

    Tomorrow Final League! 1° vs 2°, tied in score!, I am first for goal difference +8

    What's your current level?
    L5, Up 6

    What's your budget for this season?
    All my staff go to 19 and 20 years

    Who do you want to replace?
    AMC, I still can not find the perfect one!

    What are your goals for this season?
    Win all
    Win Tokens!

    What's your training level?

    Which will be your main formation?
    4-1-2-2-1 V
    Nivel 10, Temporada 10
    Real Madrid C.F.


    LIGA= 3-4-5-6-7-9-10, Sub Campeón= 1-2-8
    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE= 4-5-8-9-10, Sub Campeón= 2-3-6-7
    COPA= 5-7-9-10, Sub Campeón= 2-3
    TRIPLE CORONA= 5-9-10

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    That was a fantastic final I must say!
    And I won that makes it even more fantastic!

    Double for this season, and semi-finals at cup (Altiplanoooo FC agrrrr )

    Season 96 - Are you ready?-final.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by madflo19 View Post
    First trophy of the season ✔️
    Started 1st round with 9-0 aggregate win and ended with 9-0 win in the final
    59-0 goal average

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    Champions league trophy won✔
    59-2 goal average (same number of goals scored as in cup competition )

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    Ough, almost lost hope to win CL final when see my star players keep failing to score, oppo GK alone and my best ST kick the ball over the post, it's not once, not only him; match like that I feel I'm going to loss, then game goes to extra time and my best dmc got second yellow to red
    almost leaving the match field but no my ml+aml+st scored at 118' and bring back the trophy in home

    that makes my triple crown for this season

    Season 96 - Are you ready?-match-preview-cl.jpg

    Season 96 - Are you ready?-cl-final-s-96.jpg

    Season 96 - Are you ready?-season-96.jpg
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    My 2 level cl winning streak after 2 month comes to an end,but I'm not too bothered. Kicked a lot of ass the last 2 month n probably on Sunday those guys are praying not to see me around once again i could not play as I wanted ,due to suspension but have given a good fight,he won 2,0 but I should've scored 4 in first 30min well,all good,I see the guy again,I'm sure

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    Season 96 - Are you ready?-s61-day-27-top.jpg

    Gortr with 35 retires tomorrow too...

    Season 96 - Are you ready?-s61-day-27-top-2-stats.jpg

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