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Thread: Is HARD ATTACKING good in any occasion or just a guarantee you will concede more!!!

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    Is HARD ATTACKING good in any occasion or just a guarantee you will concede more!!!

    So forget what I said about troll results this season since I got knocked out by a club I destroyed in the league but apparently was stronger than Real Madrid and Barcelona combined in the Super League. Same old story my changes didn't have any effect, players missing open chances, strikers gets a yellow and a red in a matter of 5 minutes blah blah blah.
    The thing is in these moments of desperation the only thing you can do is hope for a goal so screw it and you play Hard Attacking. I can tell you every time I decide to play it, my match gets more miserable. It is guaranteed you will concede a goal or two. So what is the point, what does it do that is so different from normal attacking. There is no correlation between playing hard attacking and scoring more goals or anything if you are destined you can score 8 goals playing hard defending.

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    It can work if it's late in the game and you are behind. If you try it for more than a half it's almost inevitable you'll concede though

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    Ha! My 2nd team have just been beaten in the league 2-0 away. 2 goals down at half time I threw everything and the kitchen sink into hard attack, long/ mixed passing, counterattack, hard tackling, offside, man to man, bonuses at maximum. They couldn't score in a brothel!
    Finished the game playing 2-1-5-2.
    Hard attack, my arse.
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    Well, it's difficult for me to give a relevant contribution to this as I am reluctant to playing with attacking mentality. Not even mentioning the "hard" version. I did it 3 or 4 times in completely desperate situations. And it worked once. Does it mean I would have won anyway playing otherwise ? Did it change something or not ? I don't know. But I think we cannot blame the game about that. It would be too simple if we just had to press this button to turn a game around. In real life, it's not very much different: teams do that when they are going to lose. And most of the times, the situation gets worse.
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    i need association lvl 13 quality value 85.6

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    Depend of the scenario.

    Sometimes for example, when the other team play attacking mentality, so starts doing his game in your field and pushing, it can be good play defensive because they push and have the defense line near midfield, in the case of the hard attacking.... (let me remind the scenarios lol)... if the other team have lots of players in defense + attacking maybe the hard attacking will have a effect of many players pushing his defense meanwhile the ST's-AMs and MCs are pushing so neutralized...

    Well there are many combinations of these scenarios/situations, as switch attacking to defensive or vice' can be good, and I do this to overcome some situations -such as play very defensive-, too of course, in some scenarios play the hard attacking will help.

    Advantadge? no. Advantadge is when you have only 1 8* potatoe player that never appear and you decide sack him and buy a 5* well programmed that win half league title for you, the players individually are an advantadge for his contribution, but the formations and orders have a minor impact if we compare.

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    It not deterministic scenario, if it was we would all use one tactic.

    There are some cases where hard attacking works (eg if oppo players with many players behind the midfield and is weaker) and there are times it can be a complete disaster.
    I ve experienced both.

    But on the overall through many last seasons, I have concluded that playing defensive most times gives you somehow a better effciency
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    hard attacking goes best with the short passing and high press with possession bonus for obvious reasons. It's effective against low defense Q teams and very offensive formation (3412) teams.
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    I rather agree that hard attacking helped me ... never
    I prefer attack + high pressing + mtm
    but as Khris said, the effect is minor
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    I have never seen a situation where Hard Attacking works. Of course, ideally, when you say Hard Attacking, you are meant to see your players surge forward every time they get the ball and shoot from distance and all but it never works here. Players will run with the ball, pass sideways, and even pass back when in clear sight of goal. As far as I am concerned, the options don't really matter. Your team will play as they always play.

    One a couple of occassions though, I have beaten much stronger opposition when I had set my team to Hard Defensive. And it worked without Counter Attacking or Long balls. Make of that what you will.

    Personally, I feel that most of these options don't really work. There are just placed there to make us feel like we have some control over how the team plays.

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