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    Dear S7UP1D R3T4RD NORDA$$

    Why the fart do u ALWAYS make unnecessary stup1d changes during near end of league games???😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    1. I LOST to the team today the same team i beat 7 goals first round. WHY? Because your STUP1D R3T4RD unnessarily confusing strategy change today with the unnessarily update. 😠😠😠😠😠

    2. Why do U keep adding changes that confusing each time u update? And please answer who the stup1d f##k staff who decided to add this stup1d measure?😠😠😠😠

    3. I have spent lots of hard earn token to buy SPECIFIC PLAYERS for SPECIFIC spot. Now today i lost many players position and now loaded with crappy loads of DR / DL??? So will u compesate me give back tokens that i bought them? There is why DMR / DML is there in football. They are different from DR DL in term of strategic game play u 1D10T!!! 😠😠😠😠

    4. I LOST 3rd position in few players that ive been trained with hard earned tokens to get them better efficiently. DO YOU WANT TO COMPESATE FOR MY LOST positions? All 3 position now demolished into 2!!! Do u know how much we spent to upgrade them??? 😠😠😠😠😠

    5. Where the f##k the f##king arrow? Dont u know its important attribute in my strategy to determined which players have to attack and defence efficiently? Now the latest game i lost just now almost all players seems confused and lost all connection ive been built for many season!!! 😠😠😠😠

    6. The lost today with this bull crap update my chances to win the league almost diminished into zero. The players below me already pip me because he played earlier before the f##king useless update...

    7. Which every update u just giving headache with unknown viruses and bugs that kill the game. Is that what u intended u mf??? 😠😠😠😠😠

    8. Ill wait until this end season. If i still lost for no reason then go f##king goodbye to this stup1d game. I play for fun. But now its already killing the fun when u lost for the unnessarily stup1d update that confusing managers.

    9. What u should fix is the striker ffs. Almost every games strikers with ball 1to1 with gk magically annoying instead of shot for goal he just deliberately ret4rd passing backwards??? Why is that happen? Why dont u fix this such problems first?


    This is probably my last season. If i failed to win my deservedly league then its time to delete this stup1d annoying bug rigging game. Its not fun anymore when u earn nothing despite playing it rigilously every day.

    To the staffs who altered this game with insanely stup1d ideas and bug infested rigging i hope u happy. U already killing this game. Go die yourself 😠😠😠😠😠

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    ****ing had enough of this saucy and the entire team of devs...Gonna have a joint to chill as you ****ing ruined my morning with your ****ing downgrade !!!!!!! MORONS !!!
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    Ok @ SausyFC
    I made this question on mythbusters. Is an advanced DR to the limit and a MR positioned back to the limit playing the same position????? Is it breaking formation rules of the old versions playing with 2 DC and 2 advanced fullbacks (technically DML/DMR's as you said).
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    Another glitch in the new "UPDATE":
    When playing a match, I could not see the stats of the player.
    This is important for me as I would like to sub off players who are on yellow (when playing a knockout game), so they can be available for finals.
    The stats screen is BLANK.
    (During a match, Go to formations-> click on player -> click stats)
    It took me 10 mins with the new update to see the issues.
    Do folks even test it before the release?
    Why Nordeus, WHY?????
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    I hope this is fixed soon or i am ****ed.

    Most of my players are 3position players and many of them lost the most important one.

    My best amc lost amc position
    My best amr lost amr postion

    My best ml lost ml position and is a dl/aml loooool
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    Thank God I already won my cl first leg 4-0 at least this update won't get me knocked out
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    Happy nordeus screw up day all. Let's just chill. Just a game eh

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    Quote Originally Posted by SausyFC View Post
    Hey Mark. Your DMLs/DMRs have been converted to DLs/DRs. You can play your DLs/DRs in more advanced positions with the expanded areas on the pitch to simulate wingbacks.
    What about the player's bilitty? I had a dml/dl with playopener ability? now he is only dr with playopener ability,wich is "ilegal" on a defender. Will this ability still work? Or my player will be seen just as a DR , without any special ability?

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    This is a monumental fudge.
    No tri. I had almost all tri and now I have positions without players.
    Was this version tested?

    Many green booster and many Token lost
    to be able to sign my players. All lost with this fudge

    Dmr/mr/amr now dr/amr
    Dml/ml/aml now dl/aml

    Only two examples.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alessio Fitch View Post
    WHO asked you to remove arrows ???? WHy are you here in this forum man???? Don't you READ what the manaegers wants???? Don't you pass on the info ?????? WHY REMOVING ARROWS ??? Why removing 3rd position??? WHY removing the option to have a second and a third player to hit corners free kicks ???? penalties??? WHY the f ruining the game???? WHY haven't you changed the allocation of the daily **** skill point to be received ONLY by first 11 players or captain??? WHY??? You've worked an entire year to make a bull**** stupid change that's it !!! NOTHING that the managers asked except for club history which you removed anyway in the first place...SO WHAT ARE YOU GOOD FOR ??? I would say really nothing !! F this bs

    I agree with u. Arrows is important atribute to players which have to defensive mode and which have to attacking mode. The way my players play just now they seem lost in idea. Dont know which strategy to follow up. Literrally useless without arrow indication.

    And not suprisingly i lost to the club i beat by margin 7 goals in first leg...

    Well done norda$$

    In on bitter mode right now. My team lost the game they should not lost. My players with 118+ just lost to crap player with just 93...
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