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    Quote Originally Posted by LeManiaque View Post
    I'm with madflo, if you Nordeus assholes can't parse the mountains of backlash and feedback mangers provide you into anything more competent and compelling than this, you don't want our voices anyways.

    Here's a thought:

    NORDEUS, why don't YOU tell us what you are thinking about doing? then we can tell you beforehand how that is going to mess everything up and why it isn't what we want? You can't listen, you can't incorporate feedback, you hardly compromise, you can't fulfill the desires of the audience here. If you were a boyfriend, you would be dumped and I would warn my friends.

    You can't share concepts or goals before they are too far gone, you can't release your beta iterations soon enough to avoid mega fail update releases. You can't control your program enough to combat cheats and loopholes and instead cave after ages of fumbling.

    You don't give a ****, I don't give a ****.
    U got to the point.. love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Quinn View Post
    How about reducing the amount of times a substitution can be made - with the same player!

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    Update version always make us surprise of bad algorithm

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    The bugs are shameful. Nordeus should beta-test new updates before release. It's common sense. #ShameOnNordeus #ShameOnNordeus

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    new update is an extreme disaster.

    they shouldnt release before long time tests.

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    _I_ NORDEUS _I_

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    Guys... don't blame Nordeus, you oversaw a lot:
    -) Nordeus is testing all their updates, **** happens.
    -) Nordeus works all day and night long, to fix the rare bugs - even on weekends
    -) Nordeus fix exploits and bugs as fast a possible
    -) Nordeus reflects themselves a lot
    -) Nordeus is serious: if they make some mistakes, they give fair compensiations, always
    -) Nordeus listens a lot to the great feedback
    -) Nordeus communicate a lot, if something goes wrong
    -) Nordeus gives us a lot of information, how the game works, what matters
    -) Nordeus is the best company with amazing ideas and amazing updates and amazing videos, about how amazing they are

    -) the only difference in amazingness between Nordeus and Apple: Nordeus needs to sell "Nordeus Care"

    /scarcasm off
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    I had to refresh the game TWICE during a association game, because of that free kick bug...This is not normal.

    Now it seems, it's better not to watch your games, because you avoid bugs and the result is random anyway...
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    This is my start team.

    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-substitut3.jpg

    I make a sub like on every game around the 78th min.

    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-substitut1.jpg

    Where is it?Didn't made it!!

    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-substitut2.jpg

    Somethimes it's 2 or 3 times the same sub and now nothing....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-substitut2.jpg  
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    Maybe you subbed him too late

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    Quote Originally Posted by talisman View Post
    Have they done an update? Home Guard FC midfielder Juan Carlos Cabral had his penalty conversion counted in his stats in today's League match, along with his earlier goal from open play...

    He hadn't scored previously this season.

    Attachment 90639

    Attachment 90640
    Cabral had a free-kick in the league match today, which wasn't counted. The only difference between this match and the previous one was that Cabral previously scored from open play before his Penalty success...
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