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    DMC has the same set of key abilities as DC, plus Passing and Creativity. DMC is basically an extended version of DC judging by skills.
    But we can't train flank positions to DMC after the update:
    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-screenshot_20171115-225714.jpg
    If we want to add DL or DR position to DMC we need to add DC first. And this is so much the same for DMC that there will be no new key abilities. This is not just illogical, but also unbalanced: DMC is kinda dead end comparing to other positions. Even ST has more options -- they can be trained as flank players without being AMC.
    If you have merged DL with DML (and *R), then please be consistent and let DMC to be trained as DL/DR without useless step (DC) that gives him nothing new.

    By the way, now we have impossible monsters like this one:
    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-screenshot_20171115-231436.jpg

    We can't train players like this, it's against current rules. But here he is!
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    I have a DR with shadow striker SA.
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    With the new update I see many formations asymmetrical like this:

    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-cattura.jpg

    And I have noted that it's not easy to play against these opponents, but for me it's a deterioration of this game; with the old version the formations are much closer to reality, now there is a lot of confusion, the formations seem to be randomly fielded by a child.

    I don't like this, it's not good to see, it's not organized. Arrows were the best solutions, in my opinion.

    I accept the concept of the areas, but that's not good, you have to organize it better, there are not "crooked" formation as in the imagine in real football.

    In this second image, I don't know how the game works, because the formation on the right has 4 defenders, not 3 as indicated in the screen.

    That's bad for me.

    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-cattura.jpg
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    1. Thoughts on the new update.
    - Amazing update so far, i really enjoy the new horizontal squad layout. In the first 3 days of the update, I had some problems with the ads but now they are fixed.
    2. Questions.
    - No questions..
    3. Suggestions & Reasons for the suggestions.
    - Adding a referee would be the next amazing thing.
    - Super Cup between the winners of CL and SL
    - GK and DC/DR/L stats, defenders stats instead of goals/assists
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    Couple of additional issues I'm noticing. Prepped by team to 93% condition. Next recovery was due 30 mins pre ko. Logged in 2 mins before ko and all players still 93% not 99% as expected. Where did the 6% go? Checked physio. 2hr35m to next recovery so clock hadn't shifted. After match subs showed as 99% so they seemed 2 gain 6% after game. No way of telling regarding 1st xi as had played. Several under 80% so seems low if 6% added after game?

    2nd issue. Player ratings. Seem unusual. I win a game 2 nil. Have more shots and possession than opponent. Opponent players get best ratings. Mine 6s and 7s. Last night I won 2 1. Striker scored both. His rating...6.5. 2nd worse in my team for scoring both and only goals. Come on Nordeus. I'm losing faith!!

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    I wonder when Nordeus will correct their ****. The statistics of my players are not counted. It must be updated as soon as possible otherwise Nordeus will lose many unhappy managers like me.

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    In league I have already drew and lost at home, with 15% possession bonus, with weaker team (20% and 13%) and, obviously, the opponent managers are absent.

    What's happening?

    In the second match the assistant manager told me that " we could not surprise the favourites".....LOL.....I'm 117% against 104%...

    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-cattura.jpg

    Something is wrong after update, I never had a worst season start like this.

    Casually after the new realese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talisman View Post
    Have they done an update? Home Guard FC midfielder Juan Carlos Cabral had his penalty conversion counted in his stats in today's League match, along with his earlier goal from open play...

    He hadn't scored previously this season.

    Attachment 90639

    Attachment 90640
    I can tell you: no.
    Currently I write an excel-sheet and my set-piece takers don't get goals/assists. After 10 games this season, Aschauer "lost" 11 goals, 8 assists (14 goals, 11 assists incl. last season), Fellinger lost one goal.
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    the big question is will we be able to recover our missing goals. Been more then a week now! Not only goal but our Motm 4% point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CM-16 View Post
    Suggestions? Well..

    Add the Save button in the formation settings and Arrows
    More Variations in terms of Randomly generated nationalities
    Better player quality for Youth Academies or Youth Team System
    Bonus tokens for top 4 in the league
    Recommendations allows us to select which type of players we want (example we want DCs instead of GKs and STs)
    I agree what u provided. Also, set piece takers should be ordered by gamers but not system. This is really bad idea.

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