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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizer Franz View Post
    the better ones HAHAHAHAHA

    there is thoughs that are better than another now ????

    Go play PES , you talk so much of PES , why are you here if you are always frustrated ??? It is strange !
    Who said I am frustrated of the forum? Yes, I am still playing both. Okay, Kaizer Franz, for your request I won't talk about that game here anymore, only for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaizer Franz View Post
    the better ones HAHAHAHAHA

    there is thoughs that are better than another now ????

    Go play PES , you talk so much of PES , why are you here if you are always frustrated ??? It is strange !
    It's ok to play more than one game. The developers clearly like playing pes seeing as they are taking some of their ideas. Top Eleven's usp is it's user 2 user interaction and that is what it should focus on. Remove bot teams and improve associations. Work on tidying up the game they already have rather than silly gimmicks.

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    Setting up a team is now a pain in the ass. Before we could sort by position, age, quality, anything! Now we have to swipe multiple screens. This is not enjoyable. It is frustrating. Too much time. I think I will be tanking until this is sorted out!

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    1. Thoughts on the new update.

    i) for the new match screen method with opponent shadow, its a good improvement,
    it makes me easier to arrange my player position based on next opponent formation. im about able to adapt on it get to use on it soon
    but it still got few weaknesses such as lack of important player information there.
    and our tactic is not a secret anymore, opponent might know what we want to do based on the player exact location. unlike using arrow method as previous that only can be seen by ourself.

    ii) its good the background music was change, but just one same background music repeating all the time is quite boring.

    2. Questions.

    i) is there any free tokens give away for this new update? hih hih hih

    3. Suggestions & Reasons for the suggestions.

    i) until now i like to have save button on squad screen as the implementation of any tactical change.
    reason: its important especially during live match. i might prepare some tactical change during game based on situation.
    but that doesn't mean i want to implement it immediately after making every single step of changes.
    the implementation should wait until i finally press the save button.
    it also a disaster if i accidentally making a wrong changes of wrong player during live match and it implement automatically.

    ii) to have more information such player available position and Special ability as example photo below.
    it don't have to be look exactly like this, the freedom where to put those information is depend on your designer,
    but i need those information. so, i know where to put my player at right position with fully utilize the special ability
    **tips: if you don't want the screen overcrowded, the jersey image can adjust to become more smaller i think

    [Official] Top Eleven 2018 - Main Feedback Thread-suggestion.jpg

    iii) to have more different background music
    reason : same background music repeating all the time is quite boring, until now i just turn it off.
    i will turn it on back when you got many type background music.

    thanks for your hardworking Nordeus
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    -We need to have the names and positions added on the pitch, Not just tshirt numbers as nobody keeps track of what numbers their players have, we need to see thenames and positions so we don't make mistakes when making subs and so on..

    -I dislike this formation without having arrows and as you could read about it, everyone feels the same, because then you knew exactly where your player will play on attack or defense and you could see him on the pitch performing as asked.

    -We need to have more than one optioin to select Free kick and Corners takers because one it's simply not enough. If that player you selected to hit free kick gets injured or sent off, then we Don't want for te system to put someone else to hit them, because it's Our teams and we know better who to be put there. For example I have my superstar with free kick ability to hit them, so if I'm not online and he gets injured or sent off, the system will probably put my dmc who also has a free kick ability to hit them, but his attacking skills sucks so he wont score. I know which of my players can score from free kicks because I've tried them, so it's my team and I need to have control over that, correct? Same with penalties, but here the list needs to have at least 5 names in case a match goes to penalties and we aren't online, the players needs to be selected by us.

    -That new fix about the skill cap needs to happen faster. I have 2 players with some skills over 340% and they keep on gaining on those skills and we all know it's a total waste...Something needs to be done about this, and my honest suggestion would be to increase that cap to 400-500% because 340% it's absurdly low and you can make a player with some skills very easy to those value by power training them. Once you hit the skill cap it shouldn't add to that specific skill and you should have the ability to choose where the other skills to go, because here it's another problem also if they randomly go to other skills, Nobody wants to train for something and those skills to end up in grey skills that are useless, or that will be another waste of greens and I've lost many for nothing so far..

    -Many managers train some of their players to reach 19%, 39% and so on so they show up in negociation lists for lower level managers, and the Daily skill point ruins those players over and over. When you make a player at 19% you simply give him a new position or special ability to stay at that value for longer time until sold eventually. The random daily skill point crushes those players and I've had around 15players ruined in last 2 seasons because of that. There are so many first 11 players that never gets a skill point, instead those subs and res gets it and ruins them...SIMPLE fix add the daily skill point only to first 11 players or even easier just to the captain and problem solved.

    -Have a SUPER CUP in the first day of a new season, because first it will be a lot of fun, and Supercups are everywhere in football

    - We have columns for top scorer, best rating and most assits in League, but We don't get any rewards for that which isn't normal. One example crossing my mind, give to the players that wins those 3 columns something for doing it, like 10 free skill points to allocate them to the players, or just to be added in important skills-white ones, or something similar as it should be normal..Also add those columns in Cup and UCL also and do something like I suggested

    -We are sick of tankers that never promote to make their teams stronger and stronger and then to crush everyone in associations...One solution comes to my mind....Change rewards for Winning the League, those ingame cash are useless and it needs to be something more managers will want to obtain and therefore they will buy better players, they will use more greens for doing it so, and like this will be a Win-Win situation for managers and Nordeus...Another thing you could do is after you don't promote for one season, to relegate the next one , or simply just relegate those teams that don't promote and take one star from them also..Like this nobody will tank and everyone will play to win !! I hate seeing teams playing to loose just to have strong teams for associations..

    Anyway those first concers needs to be fixed faster and these other ones should be implemented soon one way or another. You see what storm was created in forum after this update and I'm one of the hurricans also because I'm not happy at all lol.. All these suggestions would help the managers play the game and be happy and be more competitive and buy more tokens, and that's Win-Win situation as it's good for the game and it's good for ud the managers..

    Oh yes, and the auto sub bs needs to have a confirmation button as before ffs especially when we don't even see players names and positions on the field only stupid tshirt numbers which nobody cares about !!!!!!!!!

    I know I've wasted my time with all this because nothing it's going to happen. but you better do something faster as the game as it is now it's ****ed !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alessio Fitch View Post
    -We need to have the names and positions added on the pitch, Not just tshirt numbers as nobody keeps track of what numbers their players have,
    I do, and I change them all depending on their status as first team starters, 2nd team subs or reserves.

    As for feedback, I enjoy having a new puzzle to solve. High pressing doesn't seem to tire out your squad as much and you can really see the difference in your team's spread when you have attacking/defending mentality toggled. Attacking a single flank does weird things to the wide players on the opposite side, sometimes I see them in the middle of the pitch, other times when the ball is close to touch they are out extremely wide and not getting in the box to challenge the cross.

    I would like a reversion to the FK/CK lists as its far easier to manage during substitutions. Subbing players and moving them around out of position before the sub happens doesn't seem to have as strict a penalty for the manager anymore. Before if I subbed a MC for a ST and moved them into where I wanted the ST to go, it would count as OOP and usually end up conceding or giving away mutliple chances until the sub went through.

    I agree that skill point bonuses should not affect players at negotiation level, it ruins days of planning.

    Money is still limitless, next update can you find something for us to do with our billions and our red packs please? Better yet, take red packs out of the game and make all red, blue, green packs cash based and temporary so you can't tank them and bank them after a certain point. Injuries don't mean anything anymore. You want a robotic knee, pay 10 million for it.

    Just give us a season's notice so we can spend all our accumulated rest packs first.

    Fix the double sub, it is just a visual bug from the new formation autosave but it is annoying to see.
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    My thoughts:

    Many of us played this game and still want to continue playing it. That's why we spending effort to help/hope it becoming better.

    If there is a next time / next update:

    - Real "customer survey" before the Year changing update (2017 -> 2018)
    I understand that the game want to give gamers a wow time, that's why just a few information come to users through a limited Sneak Peak. However several mistakes turned it into a crisis. Better: check with real customers before implementing / fixing, like right now. I am happy when seeing this thread.

    - "Customers" ain't gonna need it
    Software engineers says YAGNI, gamers like us too. We tried both short and long, in case someone Didn't Read. Better: don't fix what is not broken.

    - Special 2 (or 3) positions case like DMR/DR -> only DR.
    Better: game designer could simply replace that DMR by a near position like MR, to become DR/MR. It's fair. No one die or cry.

    - Auto Save function like Google Docs.
    Better: Only possible for non important stuffs like switching RES and SUB players

    - ... and many more things that other gamers pointed out, I think it's unnecessary to repeat ourselves.

    What I appreciate / love:
    - Improvement on Ground function, shorten the time and make the realtime counter.
    - Highlight possible position and possession (dark to light green) when laying players on the field
    - The red remark ! notice and comment when there is illegal formation
    - The Scoring Spirit events with ladder reward
    - The effort to make Asso fairly
    - The effort to remove insane Mutant (I'm talking about supermen with Strength, Speed ...)
    - The free gacha (the free Scout during the 6 weeks Scout sell, where you can get players from 22 yo in range 6-8 stars). That player is quite good in my team, ranking top in all 3: score, rate and assist. I hope that Scout sell will be opened again next season.
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    1= update is bad ( i subscrive most of managers opinions)

    2= scouting feature will come again this Season?

    - Negotiations would be a "must" option if the initial proposal/tokens didnt revert for Nordeus but for the team.
    - Club Emblems should be bought also with tokens or offers. Not only with €!
    - Provide prizes for Season goalscores/assists/ratings
    - C.L. and Cup format is unfair cause we play against higher level teams

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    The removal of DMR/DML positions has created huge advantages for some managers and huge disatvantages for other ( myself included ) .

    To understand better please look at the following examples :

    1 . One manager had DML/DMC/DMR player . After the update the player became DL/DMC/DR .
    So he got two positions for the one he lost because of the update . One top of that he got something more .
    His player has been upgraded . Now he has a DL/DR with all the main attributes of the DL/DR plus the passing and creativity attribute became main atributes , turned white . Also his DMC has now the Speed atribute activated , turned white .So to sumarize , this manager got two positions for the ones he lost plus 3 more main atributes activated ! Not to mention that now he has a player that is impossible for the other to create , or train , even with tokens . You can't train a player to jump from DL to DMC and then to DR !

    2. Another manager (myself included) had a player that was DL/DML . Because of the update he lost the DML position and because his player was already a DL he got no other position in return . Moreover , his player was downgraded , the passing ability turned grey .
    So this manager got nothing in return for the lost position and he also was ripped off of one main attribute.

    This does not seem fair to me at all and altough some admins said that they will find a solution for this I didn't see any response about this today .

    Making passing a main attribute now for all DR and DL now is not a fair solution also . If someone wants to have this atribute activated he should train his player to the next position , wich now is MR and ML , like I did when I created my player to be a DR/DMR .

    The most easy and fair solution is that after the update , the players affected to keep their original main attributes as they were, despite the fact that now their position is another (DL,DR) . So don't activate atributes for some and take from others .

    Thank you for your help

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    How do I sort by name in the squad screen?

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