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Thread: Season 39

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    I won 2-1 away vs an inactive but quite strong team. I'm a bit pissed of his goal, it was a shot from distance in '90. 2-0 away would have been a pretty sure thing, only 1 goal difference though... :/

    But i will have like 65-35 possession in the next game and if I score at least once i should be able to advance. Should^^
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    How can I add new posts? I want to post some errors on top eleven

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    Sunday (day 8).

    LEAGUE: Match day 6.

    Result: LONDON CITY 1-1 SC AIR BEL
    Goals: Barwolf 57, King 82
    M.o.M: Khaled Tarantino

    Although we're only six games into the league season, and City are only 3 points off top spot, after this result, I feel as if I'm destined not to do well. The first half was goalless, despite us having many chances. Our visitors took the lead a third of the way through the second period, through Almir Barwolf. We still kept getting chances and finally managed an equaliser through our 4th choice striker, Teddy King, with time running out. We remain 5th and unbeaten, but with just 3 wins from the 6 games, its getting frustrating.


    Being already out of the cup, all efforts were concentrated on our home league match against the 12th placed team who had just 3 points and a gd of -15. They have already been beaten heavily by 3 of my main rivals, and when I saw their line-up, I was confident that we could get a good result, considering they have a squad of only 16 players, which includes 4 GK's. Their formation had a DC playing as striker, a GK playing centre midfield, and an MC at central defender. Add in the fact that the outfield goalie was injured and not subbed after just 5 minutes, we should have done better. But, hey-ho, obviously the game engine has decided I'm not going to do well. Might as well now play my reserves and try to avoid promotion (already), and save my tokens and money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljepoje View Post
    1) Are you playing counter- football all the time, or just "in case" ? I avoid to change or apply my formation/tactics in accordance to my opponent. I rather see him/them apply their formation &tactics in accordance with mine.

    2) That´s great to hear! How many greenis did you burn?
    1) Nope, but against 4-5-1 holding a nearer quality to mine playing on narrow diamond (my standard setup) would of be a suicide announced. I'm not a big fan of CF and usually i just use a module i figure in my mind as possibly efficient, but still, we're open to suggestion alwais.

    3)I do think not less than 400? I wasted time on the STs not realizing that even standing at 39,8 (still 5*) would slow them down while they had 35 Q at beginning. would of have spared at least 50-100 greens on them.

    Cup Match, 1st leg, preview

    Gonna be quite close i think.

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    Result : Juventus fc 0 - 5 Rickski Madrid
    Goals : A King 3', 65', T Sheringham 5', A Piedade 26', 57'
    M.O.M : A Piedade

    Another great victory tonight. Alex King, the young centre back having a great game getting on the scoresheet twice along with being solid defensively but was beaten to the man of the match award by an outstanding performance from Andre Piedade who also scored twice. This win keeps the 100% record in the league going.

    Next match : Mildesbring FC (A) 11.05am League
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    Season 39-cup.jpg

    Soooo many shots being blocked. Always in the Cup against the higher level Managers =.='

    Goals scored
    6' Taro Misaki
    62' Quim Bardal

    I was surprised i won by 0 because his starting 11 players have a little bit more QL than mine.

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    Riddicolous match.

    We had 60% ball possession since start and pushed the favor bar towards them by 70%. They scored twice in 20 minutes with a 100% shoot rate. We set ourselves with Ams and pushed even more, equalizing in the second half and going ahead 3-2. While we kept pummeling for the 4th goal, their 3rd shoot IN ALL THE MATCH got the 3-3. In the last 10 minutes both Lenders and Hutton (1on1 ****IN SA) passed the ball to a midfielder instead of shooting ending it in a draw.
    For THE WHOLE MATCH their lone idiotic forward (5*) kept receiving the ball and trying to surpass the defenders or made the tower for upcoming people. 3 vs 1 makes it even ****tier to see.

    Incredibly pissed right now. Worhtless ****.

    NEXT leg: we'll set ourselves on hard tackling and annhilate them at their own home.
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    topeleven a game is useless and very far from reality ....
    At first seasons you win then you lose in the months following games with players much poorer than you ....
    Assistance in Italian is unreliable ignorant is never present and do not always respond to the answers to the questions that you are ...
    The only thing you need is to get people to spend money on a pointless game
    Observers do not buy 50 tokens ..... all suck!

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    Balkan Boyz - Matchday 8 (Sz.4 - lvl4)

    HEADLINE: Balkan Boyz eye historic win against FC SoZe in T11 CUP: "We wrote history for our team", says manager Ljepoje

    Balkan Boyz (Q40,7) Formation: 4-1-2N-1-2 (4-4-2 diamond) >> 2 - 0 << FC SoZe (Q38,5) Formation: 4-2N-2W-2

    The Balkan Boyz´s with manager -Ljepoje- at the helm took a historic win in the CUP-Playoffs against the French opposition FC SoZe.The Balkan Boyz started the game quite offensive and the strikers, Edin Džeko and Stevan Jovetić had a couple of dangerous opportunities to score in the first quarter, but the strong French defense kept repelling and stood firm. At the end of the 1th half, Ivica Olić had a shoot on target but their GK Paolo Mason rejected the shoot.

    In the second half, Manager -Ljepoje- made a quick tactical switch by replacing Ivica Olić with Hasan Salihamidžić, playing in a AMC position. And what seemed to be just a "switch", become a "ice-breaker" and changed the game completely! In the 72min, Hasan Salihamidžić outrunned their defense, and curled the ball behind GK Paolo Mason and praised The Balkan Boyz with a goal, 1 - 0 was a fact! Ten minutes later Stevan Jovetić managed to extend the lead into 2 - 0 after a fantastic foreplay by Edin Džeko. The French manager -Keyser Soze- made three desperate changes the last quarter, but nothing seemed to go pass the strong Balkan Boyz defence! Nemanja Vidić, Nenad Tomović, Sead Hajrović and Ognjen Vranješ did a splendid job and keept out sheet spotless! The Balkan Boyz´s GK, Asmir Begović made two good saves during the 2nd half due a FK and a Corner. Also, Mateo Kovačić managed to clear the ball into a throw in the last ten minutes of the 2nd half. The Balkan Boyz play-maker Safet Sušić didn´t take part in tonight´s game, since the given red card in their last game against the Dutch opposition -FC Robelix-.

    The Manager -Ljepoje- reflected on Balkan Boyz fifth victory in the T11 CUP play this season and said that his players should be inspired by the defeat of the French opposition -FC SoZe- and use it as the springboard to get further into the tournament.

    "We wrote history for our team," Ljepoje said after a dramatic 2-0 win against -Keyser Soze´s - team. "This is a very special night for us and it must serve as an example for what we want to achieve in the future. At the end, it is just an important 1th leg win, and we have to play the 2nd leg as well. But hopefully tonights win will serve as an inspiration for the future, as in the CUP, as in the CL and League as well."

    Scorers: H.Salihamidžić (72min), S.Jovetić (81min.ass:E.Džeko).
    Subs: I. Olić <> H.Salihamidžić
    MOTM: H.Salihamidžić (rate:9)

    Note: Early on in the league, we managed to beat the Turkish team - Saim FC - with 2-7. We controlled and dominated mostly of the game. The Home team managed to get an early equalizer after our first goal, but our guys stepped up and showed them "who is the boss". Also, Stevan Jovetć and Ognjen Vranješ made quite improvements on their training after some PT this weekend. Pic´s tomorrow

    Scorers: E.Džeko (1min), S.Jovetić (10,20 and 79min) and I. Olić (44,47 and 50min)

    Subs: M.Kovačić <> S.Kolašinac,I.Olić<> A.Ljajić , N.Vidić <> B. Ivanović
    MOTM: I.Olić(rate:9)

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    I hope the butterfly is a suitable combination for 3N-2N(MC)-3W(AML/AMC/AMR)-2...

    Guy I'm playing tomorrow has a 5* team and has been getting some good results with his formation lately.

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