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Thread: Training

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    Guys should I train my players’ highlighted or unhighlighted attributes more?

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    What do you think defenders need more: defending skills or attacking?
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    The highlighted(bright) are easier to improve, but the unhighlighted(dark) are harder to improve.

    Do you prefer defender like Thuram or Stam?
    Do you prefer midfield like Zidane or Pirlo?
    Do you prefer striker like Batistuta or Balotelli?

    It's up to you to make the best team.

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    if you want your center back good at dribling, you can train drible to him, but difficult to gain drible skill since its dark, need more training session and rest.. eventhough you manage to train him drible untill 200% , but do you really think defender will always drible rather than marking and tackling? its up to you
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    Highlighted of course. If a DC for example has lower heading then focus on that and his overall will grow faster.

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    In my experience if you use a drill that targets only grey skills of a player, he would improve those skills just as much as he improves white skills. But if your drill targets both grey and white skills he would get white skills exactly twice the amount of grey skills. For instance using Carioca with ladders to train my aml will target his speed (white skill) and aggression (grey) so if I earn 45 skill points using this drill 30 will go to speed and 15 to aggression. If I can however combine Carioca with ladders with another drill that also targets aggression, then I would receive an equal amount of speed and aggression skills.
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    Go to the training screen, put the players in order of position, from goalie to the last defender train for fitness and defending, all others train for fitness and attacking.

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy.