What does the excitement and buildup for the World Cup look like in your country?
Probably about getting the TV rights in my country. As of current, due to the "must-have" rules that requires the WC on the free TV services, and the coverage of 4 years ago results in a loss for their rights holders, no one even bothered trying to buy the rights straight away. The government has already found some sponsors for this and the rights will includes not just TV but also online, so looking forward to how things will go in terms of these.

What’s your first World Cup memory?
I started knowing about the World Cup hype back in 2006 when I was in primary 2, but I don't really care about it too much. It's all happening in 2010 where I can really call it the first World Cup, getting to see all the matches apart from the night games. I was supporting Italy back in 2010 and they were eliminated in the groups, so I switched to Argentina but lost to Germany in the quarters, so I switched teams again to Germany and only managed 3rd place in that tournament.

What player do you think has had the best World Cup in your lifetime?
Any players got called up in this tournament deserves this honour regardless. Because every teams has their own realistic expectations set for the tournament and we'll see how they can achieve.

Do you base your Top Eleven tactics off of a World Cup team?
Not really.