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Thread: Season 104 - Are you ready?

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    Season 104 - Are you ready?


    Thanks to all returning Managers!
    and a big Welcome to all the new Managers!

    Before we start, here's some questions for you:

    What have you learned from last season?
    Where did you place last season?

    Are you participating in the new Association's Cup ?
    What are your achievements ?

    What's your current level?
    What's your budget for this season?
    Who do you want to replace?
    What are your goals for this season?

    What's your training level?
    Which will be your main formation?

    Good luck to everybody this Season!

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-s104.jpg
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    The first thing I have to say is that I like a lot the silver -or white gold- trophy of the pic...

    I am waiting for a promotion been 9th, unless surprise, so the scenario now is... will I promote and face a +1 level teams in the CL and SL? soon the answer lol

    The planning for next season still been fight for the 5th Super League.

    Claudio Conti DR-DC retires at the age of 33, 221 league matches and 3 SL (no CL data available^^) and 50 of cup.

    The day 1, Sunday will be played the Finale of the O.M.A. Masters League, 4th edition, in a double match Hairdryer and Madflo will fight for the title
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    Exciting and entertaining last season was the Oma league. The best part about it is you know who you playing with and against.(not a bot or unmanagable team) this is like real football. We should have this kind of league.
    I still have my Oma league final with madflo. Big thanks to khris for the hard work you rock!!! and yes to all the participation team for their commitment .

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    Winning trophies
    Got another treble, hopefully get another this season
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    Easy as pi

    Leagues: 8
    CLs: 5
    Trebles: 2

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    I learned to have lots of players on a team
    2nd League, 2nd Cup, QF CL

    Uncertain whether I’ll participate
    14 achievements

    Level 6
    About $30 million
    All around squad building, no specific replacement candidates
    To do as well as possible in all 3 competitions

    Training level is close to 40
    My best players are mostly attackers so a formation with a lot of them. Currently set up as GK-DL-DC-DR-MC-AML-AMC-AMC-AMR-ST-ST
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    Let's fight to make Top Eleven better!

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    For a new troll season? Hell yeah!
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    SEASON 50 LV41 for NIK
    19th treble last season so we go for 20.
    I saw my opponents in Cup - CH.L. and they are the same as usual so if not get trolled, I can make it.

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-overview-d1.jpg

    Wish you a good and lucky season
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    I finally have a fair cup competition after moooonths I did not manipulate just made sure my quality didn't pass 120. I'm excited for the first time in such a long time.
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    Desert Rats FC start their 29th season at Level 22.

    They finished 3rd in the League last season, losing in the Final of the Champions League and exiting in the Quarter-Finals of the Cup.

    This season they are in same-Level Champions League (unusually) and Cup competitions. The Champions League Groups include a few in-game friends:

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-s29-champ-groups-initial.jpg

    After a sell-off of the older players last night, and the lower-Quality players this morning, there is now some space to bring in new players for this season. One of the players sold last night was long-service ex-Youth player Jack Mace. He had been with the club for 9 seasons and departs having set a new Club Appearances record of 262.

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-dr-jack-mace-final.jpgSeason 104 - Are you ready?-dr-jack-mace-record.jpg

    The playing squad which starts the season is as follows:

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-s29-player-squad-initial.jpg

    Club History so far

    Season 104 - Are you ready?-dr-history-season-28.jpg
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    Few things to say before starting:
    •Last season was my best with diference (First doublet)
    •The O.M.A. Challenge was the best challenge I was in. Congrats, Khris!!!

    What have you learned from last season?
    •That you can win a league with 8 draws
    •That there's nothong impossible (exepting finishing a game with more than 25% efficiency)

    Where did you place last season?
    •League - 1st
    •Cup - 1st
    •CL - QF

    Are you participating in the new Association's Cup ?
    Of course!!

    What are your achievements ?
    •My first Cup title
    •My 4th League title consecutive

    What's your current level?

    What's your budget for this season?

    Who do you want to replace?
    Most of the players (about 9 of 11)

    What are your goals for this season?
    •My 5th League title consecutive
    •My first treble.

    What's your training level?

    Which will be your main formation?

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    Champions League Champion: 0 --- Champions League Runner's up: 2 [2, 3] --- Champions League 3rd place: 1 [5]
    Super League Champion: 0 --- Super League Runner's up: 0 --- Super League 3rd place: 0

    Triplets: 0

    Current Season: 7 --- Level 7

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