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    I hope I get the guy who bidder for my GK with 6 tokens ababab

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lagloriosa View Post
    Not me, no way I buy a player that will have -20% rating and 1 more year in a week.
    My 35T account is highly unable to compete with the open auction market. So I relly on negotiations to strengthen it. I do get fast trainers there. Like today, before my Cup finals, my opponent is +1lvl and he has this 18yr old fast trainer, I made my offer giving him 2T and he accepted almost immediately.
    The mainstream market is Tokens and time consuming, all I need now is just greens. Better than watching the market next season like a hawk hoping your tokens will do.
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    so how many stupid here is ready to buy 99% players today and find them 79-81% after few days ??

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    Buying 18 y/o is not stupidity I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by USARABAT View Post
    so how many stupid here is ready to buy 99% players today and find them 79-81% after few days ??
    You to call us stupid. You don't know others manager's tactic.
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    i received an offer this morning and asked for more tokens (it is negotiations after all), i logged back in tonight and the offer has dissapeared.....this just isnt on, you contiunually manage to f*** up this once decent game

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    Only the last week and this is full of bugs.
    Didn't expect any different.
    They are experts in destroyng their game
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    I'm getting offers for money only 0 tokens, when try to raise and put some tokens can't.
    How to put a player (59, 79, 99) on sell for some tokens, where is that option if same exists? Is it automatically or can be managed?

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    Let me think...

    I buy a 18* fast trainer, invest into him lots of green packs (over 400) to train an indeed good player that would play for me for the next 8-10 seasons. And then on negotiations someone will offer me 20 tokens for that?

    Hmm.. ok, sounds like a plan
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