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Thread: What is "Nordeus Killed The Game" ? - Answer in my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Or link points to promotion Spots...
    I dont understand what do you mean with link points to promotion spots. Could you explain that in simple english, I am not good with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNK Kaskada View Post
    I dont understand what do you mean with link points to promotion spots. Could you explain that in simple english, I am not good with it.
    Simply, lets say that in friday you are in a promotion spot (1-8th), so if the asso finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd, your team Will sum 10, 5 or 2 points. If 6 member r in promotion Spots and the asso wins the finale, 10points X6 teams=60

    Too those could be given on monday, after the Sunday league round and last week counting the league place in the round 25.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSoft View Post
    Good afternoon.
    I appeal to the developers of the game for clarification on behalf of all associations, which were renamed into one common name "Nordeus killed the game".
    Our protest is directed against changes in the calculation of the results of the games. We are against random results that are devoid of meaning and logic. The game process and the course of the match ceased to be controlled by the Manager. The outcome of the games can be completely random. It shouldn't.
    We are not against the rules of this game, we understand that sometimes there are game bugs that You try to fix quickly. We want the results of the game to depend on us, on the tactics of the game, on the coaches of the players, on the bonuses and the presence of managers in the game, as we spend our time, effort and money, and get absurd.
    Recently, there have been too many random results, where the obviously weak team gets the advantage. The random result is a very rare moment. The Manager should manage the team and influence the result, and not external factors that are not clear to anyone.
    The strong defeats the weak. A team cannot win a well-prepared team without preparation. So it was always and so it should be in the future. If You do not correct this situation as soon as possible, many managers from the top associations will leave the game, including me.
    If You heard me, if You need more detailed explanations, please contact me. We need to know if You understand us.
    We love this game and do not want to give it up, but You force us to do it. Since it is impossible to play a game that is devoid of common sense, logic and the correct system of counting game results.
    I hope for your understanding and speedy reply.
    Almost all Russian-speaking associations in this game and many others.
    I echo this very thought. A good team that is prepared and managed does not lose to an unprepared and unmanaged team. Unfortunately, since April, Nordeus has not fixed the issue. Indeed, it has gotten worse. Every season I continuously get 5-7 troll results which either knock me out of a competition or cause me to lose the league.

    The reality is this: Nordeus can listen and keep managers that help popularize the game and watch videos or ignore the complaints and make managers leave, thereby losing revenue. I started the game with 9 friends. Only 4 remain. All the others quit or sold their account in August-September because they were tired of trolls.

    I must confess that, after the 4 trolls I got in the league, should I lose the league, I will stop the game. I don't feel like my actions in game matter, at which point there is very little reason for me to continue.
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