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Thread: argument for non present mangers against present

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der_Ryan_M View Post
    I'm sure many people would attend more if there was a reason to. But at the end the possession bonus is only cosmetic, I also don't care about supporters. The only thing is you get a green for making a sub and a blue pack more. And I'm very happy with my results when I not attend, whereas I had more negative experience when attending. I think the game just makes the decisions for you and they make you believe you have control.
    Just my personal opinion though, I'm sure other people will say different things. I play for too long to believe in the game mechanics anymore.
    watching the game animation live does tend to highten the stress level , but i do feel the DEVS need to encourage people to watch more,end of day how would events like KOTH work ? or supersubs wether we have true control or not,watching is part of football end of day

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    Even if there is no advantage it gives me pleasure to attend and enjoy the game, even if i get incredible results sometimes, the extra geen is also good
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    I dont want to go through the + or - of watching a game .... all I just want to say is that when the managers of a football game start discussing the idea of the benefits of watching a football match or disadvantages of watching his team : , know that this game is programmed in a ridiculous unfair way..

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    The truth is that, is an optical effect. As u say, chances r the same, as attending or not, the Game can be in your favour, or against u.
    Perceptions. Lol
    It's the same way when in 'real life' I tune into a football game with 10 mins left and the team I wan't to lose always scores a goal and picks up points.
    As you say it's just perception, we notice 'bad' things far more than we notice 'good' things.

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