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Thread: What would make you leave TE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby Setyo Hadi Nugroho View Post
    Goodbye.. Hopefully enjoy your days ahead...

    I will keep playing and see what the TE2020 looks like..
    I will come back for 1 day to see what it looks like.

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    bugs and bugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by theclubofwins View Post
    bugs and bugs
    it's like that ... you just say the things already 🤣🤣

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    1) if they change graphic interface.
    when i first saw TE was back in 2015 and then the graphics was awful
    when i check back in 2017 the change in graphics was colossal.
    2)if they remove Asso's
    For me Asso's are the flagship of TE.
    3)if they make the game pay to win.
    now its totally free to win.

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    I agree with you Rizla!

    Graphics and assotiations make a lot of diference

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    Ads problem

    Ads time limit + error = real pain, don't have time for that... might be leave, everytime they update, they somehow f*** the ads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max McClean View Post
    I am in my last season for all of these reasons, I don’t watch ads anymore because it is boring, I won the treble last season, I am finishing up this season, it is annoying when your team gets red cards out of nowhere and when your ST is through on goal and he plops it over the bar.

    All of your points are valid
    I see that nothing would make you leave from the game and the forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ποσιδονας View Post
    I see that nothing would make you leave from the game and the forum
    Are you hinting that you want me to leave the forum, why so?

    I probably know why, it could be down to my past off topic posting and a few bad threads I made here.

    I admit that people could have found those a nuisance and I can’t blame you if you did, (I’m sorry about that). The reason I made some of those rants was because mainly because I was far too passionate about the game, maybe to an unhealthy level to be honest. The cause of my off topic posting was probably because I neglected to read the rules when I first joined and basically not reading all of the material in posts and threads.

    But I suppose you are right, I won’t leave the forum for a while.

    You originally said “I see that nothing will make you leave the game or the forum” That’s not true, of course there would be certain tings that would make me leave the game or the forum.
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