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    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-20200517_142902.jpg

    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-20200517_142931.jpg

    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-20200517_142954.jpg

    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-20200517_143511.jpg
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    This is how our players look like

    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-20200517_142517.png

    WEEK 1
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200517_141505.jpg

    WEEK 2
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200517_141612.jpg

    WEEK 3
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200517_141750.jpg

    WEEK 4
    Click image for larger version. 

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    WEEK 5
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200517_141848.jpg

    WEEK 6
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200517_142003.jpg

    WEEK 7
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200517_142112.jpg

    WEEK 8
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200517_142320.jpg

    WEEK 9
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PSX_20200517_142112.jpg 
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    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-20200519_132459.jpg

    Player of the week 10
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200519_205712.jpg

    SieCafe FC played very important and strategic match against their main opponent team Glogovica and they took full advantage with a 4-1 win.

    SieCafe's main scorer Brandon Rice scored two goals and made a beautiful assist. He opened the scoring table just in 3 minutes with a free kick when Glogovica goalkeeper, Patrick De Rossi failed to see the cross. In the 87th minute, Rice determined the score 4-1. SieCafe is now only 5 points away from second place. Now everybody is asking that can they go far more ?

    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-20200519_132523.jpg

    Player of the week 11
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200517_142003.jpg

    Nebuchadnezzar beat MNK Kaskada 0-1 to improve their unbeaten run to 11 consecutive Justice League matches. The goal was scored by Frederico Goncalves.

    They needed New Hales to make some fantastic saves to stop Kaskada securing a point or three. In the first half, Hales made 4 saves to stop Kaskada's young striker Chan Hwang and in the second half he made another 2 superb saves and 2 special ability hands were saving everything.

    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-20200519_132547.jpg

    Player of the week 12
    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200519_205538.jpg

    Kaskada's star attacking midfielder Lasse Alembene scored four against Al City. Ten minutes after kick-off when the Danish player got his first of the afternoon. He curled a great shot into the top corner.

    Amazingly Alembene scored his fourth just moments before the final whistle. Game finished 1-8 but everybody knew who the best player on the pitch was Lasse Alembene.

    [Official] Friendly Championship - FULL-TIME-psx_20200520_011628.jpg
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    Lol @RaiKo where do you get the pictures for the players?
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    friendly champs need to have top scorers just like in the league...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der_Ryan_M View Post
    Lol @RaiKo where do you get the pictures for the players?
    There age and face are a mismatch especially for Adrian Tanasa
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    The tournament is over and I don’t think I’ve done too badly here, there were lots of good managers in this group and I got 60 points. Milpol won in the end with me in finishing in 3rd, I’m relatively happy with how I’ve done but I conceded 39 goals in 26 games which is uncharacteristic of my defence, however I was against good managers so this is not a problem.

    I don’t know if I will use the feature next season, I think I used too many rests that could have gone elsewhere. I’ll see.

    Congrats to the winner and it was a good tournament, some of the results annoyed me, but it was fun to play against some other people.

    But like I mentioned, I don’t know if I’ll use it again.

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    How do I leave my friendly championship association. I don't like the competition

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    It was a nice event, lots of enthusiasm in the beginig but gradually people lost interest.

    I think its a great ideia but i sugest its made shorter, instead of hame and away matches there should be only one game between each team on neutral ground.

    Also i sugest more prizes to the participants, a jersey for all participants, and a symbol for the three first players marking their position

    The reputation should award extra healh, morale and medic packs depending on the level

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    The awards are not exciting.. just some yerseys etc.

    We need resources to keep this interestin

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