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Thread: Season 137 - Are you ready?

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    Season 137 - Are you ready?


    Thanks to all returning Managers!
    and a big Welcome to all the new Managers!

    Before we start, here's some questions for you:

    What have you learned from last season?
    Where did you place last season?

    Are you participating in the Association's Cup?
    What are your achievements with your Club and FA?

    What's your current level?
    What's your budget for this season?
    Who do you want to replace?
    What are your goals for this season?

    What's your training level?
    Which will be your main formation?

    Good luck to everybody this Season!

    Take a look at the guides list!

    Users Tutorials & Guides vol. II
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    And here we go again

    Season 137 - Are you ready?-over-hills.jpg

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    Lol why season 136 thread was closed so early ? We didn't share anything yet.

    -Season 136-

    I've had an awful season against -1 LvL 160% team in CL semi( defused all my chance since i slept in the game time) and got knocked out of the cup by a trol result. At least we could defend a title against 2nd team in the league at the last match of the season. If we'd lost one, it could have been the last act of this big drama.

    Season 137 - Are you ready?-20201010_190903.jpg

    Season 137 - Are you ready?-20201011_042422.jpg
    Season 137 - Are you ready?-20201011_055631.jpg

    160% CL opponent got kicked out of Super Cup by 110% team. Karma
    Season 137 - Are you ready?-20201010_190935.jpg

    We've made soft manipulation of AvQ again. Waiting the new season now.
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    Had a frigging hard league, but I finished second ahead of far superior opponents. Did well in the cups and won the Super League. But the season was overshadowed by the weirdest association member I've ever encountered.

    We took him in on the first day of the season and everything seemed okay. He introduced himself in English and said nice things to other managers.

    On the Friday of the first weekend, I named his training partner. He didn't acknowledged, didn't train his partner and stopped communicating for eight days. He logged in every single day, but he didn't respond to chat messages. We tried speaking in English, German and Italian (because he was a Juventus-supporting Swiss guy).

    On the third and fourth week, he trained random managers who were already trained - and ignored his training partner. And still refused to respond to chat. I warned him that I was going to kick him out after getting his tokens. No response.

    Today, he casually congratulated everyone on a great season, as if nothing had happened. I had to kick him out.
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    Learnt a lot last season (my second) especially with regard to tactics. Found that I've lucked into a few fast trainers that let me improve my team at a rapid rate through the second half of last season - I hope to replicate that this time around.

    Won the league, 2nd place in champions league - lost the final to a team far superior to mine, and had a hard cup draw with all the stronger teams in my half. Scored 11 goals in a match which was certainly a high point, went undefeated in the league and again had a goal difference over 100.

    Hope to have a good season with some silverware again!
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    Thinking about play to fight for the Super League, only. I will need minor team improvements, without spend really so many resources.

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    The weakest team in my league is 132%, this is going to be intense...
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    I have a much easier-looking league draw compared to last season, where I fought tooth and nails for league trophy against 5-6 teams with similar/higher AvQ (and won). This time, I am one of the strongest and most of the other teams have at least 10% lower quality, although I already have a 0-0 against one of them

    First round of Cup was a breeze, and I hope to pass the next one with ease, as well.
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    My team is 118%. In the first four league matches I've faced three 7-star teams and a bit weaker team that managed to beat me twice in league last season. I have 10 points and three times I've somehow managed to score the winner or decisive equalizer in the last ten minutes.

    I don't expect to keep this form up since my league is really tough (top of the server and better one of the only two leagues up here, next season the level will stall), it's but nice to have it this way for a while.

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    Apart from getting hammered in Championship 6-1 by a weaker opponent, where his AMR/ST scored 5 out of 5 freekicks in that game and my 2 times stronger AMR can't score even 1, everything is going well. Struggling to finish on the 8th place...

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