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Thread: CHEATER CAUGHT! - Stop wasting money!!

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    Something i also noticed is that these cheaters move from their strong association to a crappy association on the night before a new season starts and then go back to their previous association on the first day of the season. What's the point of doing this?

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    long time i saying that moving 1-2 star players in start 11 for lowering power and having easier draw next season is cheat, unfortunatly, i do that as well, but only bcs i was tired to get leagues with 3+ teams who are 30 or more % stronger than rest of league and ending season with all wins with top scorer 80 gols top assistent and top.players, it can be easy solved if nordeus want it to do, just make leagues not based of lvl but of team power of 11 strongest players, counted academy players, unsigned and youths, like they do in asso, KoK or friendly championship and team up teams with similar power.

    or second way is put trophie winners in leagues together and non trophie players in other leagues to allow more teams of winning trophies, but, to be honest, there soon be ppl who can find way to bend the rules and exploit it
    p.s. many games ban players who exploit gameplay to get unfair advantage, no matter of how they spend to keep comunity healty, just saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinim View Post
    what about teams that have multiple players (6, 8, 10) aged 18-20 and two skills, one of them special as set piece taker? How do you get so many players, so young, with skills that are not available all the time?
    Spending huge in youth academy

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