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Thread: Season 181 - Are you ready?

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    Season 181 - Are you ready?


    Thanks to all returning Managers!
    and a big Welcome to all the new Managers!

    Before we start, here's some questions for you:

    What have you learned from last season?
    Where did you place last season?
    What are your achievements with your Club in FAs and FCs?

    What's your current level?
    What's your budget for this season?
    Who do you want to replace?
    What are your goals for this season?

    What's your training level?
    Which will be your main formation?

    Good luck to everybody this Season!

    Take a look at the guides list!

    Users Tutorials & Guides vol. II

    Communities & Supporters Clubs!

    Clubs supporters & Communities - share tournaments!

    And feel free to share your team settings, formation tips and more, here:
    Share your team Formation and Settings!

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    i just stop sliding downside
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    Quote Originally Posted by drazen vtc View Post
    i just stop sliding downside
    it's in a free fall now

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    It's a pleasure to inform that, after 13 seasons, the league drought is finally over. With a 26-0-0 record no less.

    Season 181 - Are you ready?-431788088_1130909141687710_6352150703505748722_n.jpg

    Fourth team lost all the games against the top 3. Third lost all the games against the top 2. And second only lost to me.

    Had a nervy 3-1 comeback win against my main challenger in one of our fixtures (easy 5-0 in the other). As it turns out that might have been crucial because otherwise I would have gotten myself tangled up in a title race where goal difference decides. And as you can see how many we were both scoring, it would have been a draining experience watching matches hoping every chance turns into a goal...

    My all time top goalscorer just went beyond 700 goals, something I thought wasn't possible. Now I see how specific skills can help as he is continuously at over 300% in shooting and finishing. Despite others having a higher quality now that he is in his 30s, he still easily outscores everyone. Love for La Pulga. And the whole quality up front has been stacked like never before. 8 players scored 10+, 6 players scored 20+, and 10 players assisted 10+.

    Anyway, job done. No particular goals in sight anymore, just seeing how it goes. I'll start to slowly detach, especially as this has been my longest uninterrupted run of playing, 2 year anniversary approaching.

    Apparently Top Eleven are doing a sneaky job at trying to keep me around as today I got as far as level 40 in Draw Frenzy and ended up with a noticeable token income thanks to having the self control to not test my luck further.

    It is what it is. To recap all the past seasons, it's not a fair game to those who don't spend or even spend moderately. At least not in the long run. I have had a few memorable seasons but also many of those where I could tell in the first week that I won't be winning anything and had to wait for a month to maybe get a fair chance again.
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    Time to go for the season 182