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Thread: Season 41

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    LEAGUE: Match 1. ABSOLUBE FC (80.1) v LONDON CITY (79.9)

    Result: ABSOLUBE 0-1 LONDON
    Goals: Leth 49
    M.o.M: Jonathan Watts

    Our first match in this tough league, could hardly have gone any better, against the second highest quality team. It was a tough baptism of fire for us considering we were fielding 4 last minute buys in our team. The only goal of the game came just after the halftime break, when debutant, Mads Leth, who was deputising for the injured, Oleg Yashin, rose above the defence to head home a cross from Jake Brown. We had a couple of scares, but held out, for a moral boosting win.

    CITY: Miklosko, Haller, Whyte, Fiksdal, Watts, Olsen, Santos, Hori, Brown, Leth, Robins.


    Finding ourselves in a level higher than our status, meant we had to hastily bring in some new blood, to be able to compete with other teams in the league. In the last 12 hours, we have signed, Czech goalkeeper Ludek Miklosko, English defender, Jonathan Watts, Brazilian midfielder Emilio Santos and Norwegian striker Mads Leth. All four made their debuts in todays league encounter, and showed encouraging signs, especially Watts who picked up man of the match.
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    am still in level 2 can you give me some tactics pls? am new..
    Quote Originally Posted by pnr8555 View Post
    AEPRE FC - Season Preview

    A higher ambitions as AEPRE FC ready to rock on the new season. With negotiations making it easier for them to get star players, they are ready to get back and win the league and CL, where they unfortunately knocked out at round of 16 last season.

    Season Objectives
    -Win the League
    -Win the CL
    -Reach Quarterfinals of the Cup
    -Sign a scout player

    AEPRE FC B - Season Preview

    The 35T manager is ready to win the league aganist all the forum users. This is an ultimate challenge.

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    Hello everyone. Can you help me? My all fixtures play about 12pm. Could I changed it without spending token?

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    nakonpathom fc 0-2 July Fourth

    nakonpathom fc 113.9 3W-3W-1-3 - July Fourth 118.0 4-3W-1-2 then dandelion 35 mins

    This one turned out to be quite a tough one, in the first half we struggled to find our best form and the game was even and we wasted a couple of chances while Childs was doing his job at the back cutting everything, what a good defender he has been to watch so far, Just like Ramirez was when he first came into the team. We switched to the dandelion on 35 mins to get an extra man in midfield and it cut off the attacking AMC and the supply to their attackers, great having a DC/DMC you can switch with no sub, between dandelion and 4 at the back and push Hogan and Ramirez to left/right defence. We began to take control in the 2nd half and just as I was about to make a couple of subs, Miku came alive and fired us in front on 55 minutes with a shot from knowhere when just before we missed a chance from a Michu corner with Malik putting the header over the bar, We decided to freshen things up by bringing Papaleo for Pietropaolo who wasn't in the game all afternoon and it was a good decision as Papaleo turned the last defender and passed to Michu and he slammed it into the back of the net to seal the win for July Fourth, Vestergaard and Michu both had a chance for our third but the defenders cut it out.

    Goals: Miku (55) Michu (73) MOTM: Michu.

    There was some piece of good news for us earlier today, as Batigo United only managed a 2-2 draw on their season opener against a team not expected to feature in the mix, giving us a early 2 point lead over our main rivals before heading into our game against them tomorrow afternoon which kicks-off just after 3pm.
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    Day 1 league: AC West Remley ( 3W-1-4-2 - 40.6) - FC Kneipenkick (4-4-2 - 46.7) 2-3 (1-2)
    Today FC Kneipenkick reached in the its new status as a non-Token buyer the first win this season (cup was as usually bad: 1-3 away loss, 3-3 at home). The match started well, a corner by Marie landed onto the head of Torabi (10.), West Remley striked back by Gunaway (18.), but Decker could score the 1-2 with a power freekick (33.). In the second half Rae came in for Torabi (who saw yellow, 58.) and immediately scored the 1-3 (63.) with a distance shot. The match became very close, when Gynther (78.) made it 2-3, but that was the final score. With this close win Kneipenkick is second behind Malika FC (won 5-1) and since we won't power train this season that scout buyer will be a serious challenge.

    In the CL we will face later today Masjid Tanah FC (33.6).
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    CL opponent.

    League opponent.

    Interested offer today for gunners:

    Second team in league by average quality.
    I hope to be in top3.

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    Balkan Boyz - Champions League Analysis (Sz.6 - lvl6)

    HEADLINE: Interesting draw for The Balkan Boyz: "In the last past seasons we have been given a tough, but quite interesting draw and this season is not an exception. The Arab, Turkish and Italian teams seem to be one of the toughest. But I believe we could go all the way, reaching the finals and hopefully win the Champions League." Manager -Ljepoje- said.


    The Balkan Boyz were given a tough draw in The Champions League, pitted against opposition such as "Same FC" (Q47,5) from Panama, "Blubb United" (Q44,3) from Germany, "Iztik Yan" (Q46,2) from Israel, "FC Kula" (Q40,3) from Bosnia , "Costaray FC" (Q45,1) from Australia, "Arab Team" (Q48,8) from Oman, "Ryet United" (Q46,7) from Sweden, "Serve FC" (Q41,8) from Malaysia, "Waterschei FC" (Q41,1) from Grecce, "ZEO Team" (Q47,1) from Italy and "Malatyaspor" (Q50,6) from Turkey. The remaining teams are all around Q30-38 and their squad consist mainly of 2*,3* and 4*. The Balkan Boyz have been drawn in a group E, together with AC Milan (Q38,7) from France, Al-Hilal (Q40,4) from Spain and "Stefan FC" (Q33,3) from Germany. Balkan Boyz will take on the German team "Stefan FC" in their opening game. The game will be held at "Balkan Boyz Stadium" with a kick off set to 20:19CET

    Manager -Ljepoje- seemed quite satisfied with the draw, but a admitted that it will be a tough Champions League tournament this season. In a short post-game interview he said, "In the last past seasons we have been given a tough, but quite interesting draw and this season is not an exception. The Arab, Turkish and Italian teams seem to be one of the toughest. But I believe we could go all the way, reaching the finals and hopefully win the Champions League. If we look at the opposition then I would say that the toughest opposition is perhaps the Turish team "Malatyaspor" (Q50,6), followed by the "Arab Team" (Q48,8) and the Italian team "ZEO Team" (Q47,1). Our goal in the Champions League this season is to win the group stage, reach the finals and hopefully win it as well. I think we have a good shot this season to accomplish it".

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    Won my first league game 7-0, away ... no surprise as most of the other teams are atrocious bots or abandoned squads that seem to be around late level 1 standard at best.

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    champions league first match : ROYAL FC vs. Ilkay FC

    his tactics :

    the game is almost at half time i'm winning 1-0 and cuased the injury of his DMC, and ofc he's not here to change him

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    Todays matches without big surprises. 3-0 win in league against a mediocre team, 0-1 loss in CL against a heavy token buyer, the strongest team in the group. Seems I cant get more than 2nd place in this group, and even that wont be easy as one of the other teams is about as strong as mine.
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