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Thread: I Will Quit At The End Of This Season (A Small Review Is Included In This Post)

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    Because if it is so bad game , you don't have to wrote all those complains , natural things will come like massive leaving of users and nordeus will be aware coz they monitoring how many users they have and how this number change months by months ....

    When i will quit this game i won't come here to tell such many things about my decision , i'll quit in silence , unless this game is my life , but that's not the case !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Dance View Post
    I think I might join you, I have 2 injured at the moment I did have 4. I have 7 tokens left and 13.7M in cash and I can't buy a player on the transfer market I thought it shouldn't be an auction but if it's not it wouldn't be there. I posted a thread about that. I've played for about 8 months buying 176 tokens mostly I do buy the odd 500 to get some new 6 star players from the scout and some auctions. But it's just getting more stupid like the stats for 70-80% of the match others have reported it as a bug I did still not solved.

    Why do we pay them money for a buggy app or to repetitive app, when you can use your money elsewhere or another app.
    One of the best advice that I can give you is that when you have played something but it has become more of an annoyance, a source of irritation, unsatisfactory and hence, it is no longer that entertaining, it is best to leave it, and more important is to stop supporting it and spending money on it because you would be supporting something that you don't like. Don't let the addiction become your master. There are better games already available, and it likely that there will be more better games in the future. Also, when a game does not function appropriately enough for what it is concern with (for example here, football management), then why continue playing such a game? This would be 'stupid'. But, if you still want to continue to play this game, then play if for 'free'.
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    Sorry mate but you remind me of myself 2 years ago. I was annoyed at another football game that is much more primitive than T11 and i took my bile to the forum picking up arguments. Long story short, i didnt leave the game on my own terms eventually coz i got myself ip blocked.

    This game might not be for you now but maybe in future you will come back to it and enjoy. My advice to you is leave on your own terms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRayFC View Post
    LOL, this forum isn't helpful at ALL, yea getting even more frustrated..
    and why would i remove something for you, you are just number 111 on here , not that i need to remove it.. MIDDLE FINGER UP !

    but i can already sense you are not really going to stop with this POS game...
    then i wish you all the luck and non frustration with this game...

    I am out to play some REAL manager..
    oo and good luck with this forum..
    I've found the forum plenty helpful. Its just a matter of identifying the credibility of the posters offering up information.

    For example, I've applied the advice of Khris on power-training my players and I've found my teams performance has improved after that. There has also been advice from several players on identifying the player attributes other than quality, that impact performance; which I guess is called hidden mode.
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    Roll the dice and be happy

    Results-Hilarious Humor

    Make friends

    Have fun

    Never spend one coin of money to it

    The way of the 35T manager
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