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Thread: In Match Text Commentary

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    And wait... Nobody mentioned this, there should be commentaries about players doing "step overs" as well, don't u think?

    Should Kaka' have been selected for Brazil's WC squad?
    Tell us ur opinion-

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    i did, tricksies to pass other players, since there are so many tricks i just said that to generalize them all

    and yep, this thread is fun XD. itd be blasphemy, itd be madness if this thread were somehow closed

    beer bottles are so yesterday, the wankin' goons are all packing novelty sponge-bob-squarepants-foam-baseball-bats-in-the-shape-of-squidward-from-a-happy-meal to reflect the beer bottles back

    id seriously love to see this in at least 1 game
    PLAYER trips on shoelace as he is about to be subbed on, demands a penalty, ref dumbfounded and brandishes a YELLOW CARD. OH NOES, he dropped dead, he cannot continue, he has been stretchered off, MEANING HE IS NOT ON THE FIELD ANYMORE. trollinho snickering in the distance. club doctor states he cannot play for 15 days due to 'chipped fingernail' and 'bruised ego'
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    They should play the fans singin ,like on fifa and increase the levels when the game gets exciting,it would be so easy to do ,just get recordings like EA Sports do for there games,also the commentary is pooh ,no double saves ,no goalline clearances ,no offsides,no dribbles,no decent goalmouth action,why can,t we make the games longer with more detailed stats and pundits reflecting post match,surely it wouldn,t be too difficult,Happy new year everyone. (;

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