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Thread: New Events - Share your Ideas-

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    New Events - Share your Ideas-

    Let's keep a sticky thread where to gather ideas to improve seasonal events we are usually playing.

    Feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, improvements to the current events etc

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    I'm gonna start with an idea to improve the tours, mixing them with the KoH... leveled, with a League of 10 teams....

    So lets imagine we mix both events, we have a Tour with 7 cities, and a League with 10 Teams.
    Ive been thinking between different options we could play...
    One could be very simple, Reaching Top 4 allow managers to, unlock the 1st City, and play to get the rewards... 2nd day, if we reach top 4, same situation, we unlock city 2, and we could have like 10 days to unlock the 7 cities.

    Another option would be one more competitive... where "don't reaching the top 4" would mean, lose a city... too,
    another variant could be, consideer the city as a "door" to play the daily matches so, first we could have to play vs the city 1, to earn the key of the City, then, we would be able to play the KoH vs other teams, and Top 4 would allow us to collect the 2nd key, facing the 2nd city team, and then, with the same league teams, we could collect trophies... and like this till reach the 7th level.

    Another option, mixing more strategy...
    could be, for example, if every city, needs a min' of required trophies ¿? ... so we could do all the tour once every day... but, it would be a strategic tour because, once 2 teams reach the same city, these could have the option, to face a "real team" that reached that level instead the city bot team, and this situation could turn into a situation where the loser, would lose a city level, and the winner would advance... so it really allow many strategic variants to have more entertaining tours.

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    A quick and easily managed cup format, as we currently have. With 2 matches per day

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    I wish the event not only have "Top Scorer Challenge", but also "Top Play Maker"(Assist) and "Top Clean Sheet".
    And it should not be limited in League, could start in Champions League, Super League and Cup.

    Thank you!!