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    Angry Agreement between players!

    Quote Originally Posted by MDKII View Post
    We talk about the much requested topic of Friendly matches.

    You can read the current plan and time estimate here.
    No other criterion is more important than this: there MUST be mutual agreement for friendly matches!


    1. your friends can be much stronger than you, and your team will be the one over exhausted and risking to injuries

    2. your friends may live in different time zones and you can do nothing about your surprises while you are sleeping

    3. Sometimes you need more than 3 hours for resting your team. Not every players recover so fast!

    4. Your life is not just about playing matches, managing also involves training and rest, and to know and decide when each of your players can play a full match.

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    I think we should find win - win strategy, both for Nordeus and both for players. Nordeus needs our money we spend on green and red boosters (condition and injuries) after "friendlies". We, players, need not to lose condition, health, and morale after "friendly" matches we have been forced to play by our "friends". We, players, also could stand not to gain experience if we were not forced to lose condition, health, and morale. But from time to time we would like compare skills of our team, team members, and our managing skills in real friendly match. I suggest divide Friendlies in two comletely different kinds of matches:

    (1) real friendly match:
    after mutual agreement two managers will play this kind of match;
    both teams are affected in both ways, possitive and negative (both teams gaining experience and losing conditions, health, and morales like now)

    (2) simulated match:
    no agreement of opponent is needed, challenger will play match after inviting opponent's team immediately;
    only challenger's team is affected (both, possitive and negative, and players alsou received assesment of their performance in their cards), the invited team is intacted (no gain of experience, no loss of condition, health, and morale, no assesment is recorded in players' card), BUT invited team receives full information about this simulated match

    I expect that managers with golden heart will start play more simulated matches (now they think it is bad habit to force their frinds to play "friendly" match), so Nordeus could be calm, they receive much more money, because players will start to play more than twice more these simulated friendlies which will lead to much more consumption of boosters.
    Also, we have some very strong teams on our friends' lists and we would like to challenge them - now it is possible only for 4 teams to challenge them at maximum. I expect that there will be tens of challenges to these strong teams in simulated friendlies.
    And lastly, I expect that if we start receiving match info, where we lost simulated frienlies we will also challenge our past challengers in simulated matches to show them how strong we are. And probably it will lead to real friendly match with mutual agreement.

    So, if you believe my scenario, you see that spending of boosters will be same (manager One challenges manager two and then he must spend boosters to get his team to pre-friendly-match state; in send step manager Two will challenge manager Two to show him how good he is, and also he must spend boosters; may be it will lead to serie of simulated friendlies), may be higher. And players will be happy, because they will not be force to play "friendlies".

    Does not it sound as win-win strategy?
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    - we can set a friendly default lineup. Which I guess most people can set to play their reserves and subs. Also helps with transfer market and training regimes.
    - Any newly arranged friendly should be at least 24 hours later than current time to give the other manager decline. If the proposed friendly is within 24 hours, it needs the other manager's approval.
    - managers have the option to set status as 'unavailable for friendly' - for a price may be.

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    Please use this thread for any further feedback you may have:

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