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Thread: Forum Players' League

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    Cool Forum Players' League


    *The League has been rebranded - To represent the players and cut off ties with the former operator*

    Unlike 35T League Edition 2 which has run for some time and closed its doors early on to new players and it ran a medallion, Current 2nd Edition players are welcome, But they must join this season should they want to take part. This league will offer a more relaxed outlook when it comes to old/existing members and new members looking to join.

    Each new league is subject to a reboot to at least every 4 seasons subject to demand with the opportunity to continue playing the league once the 4 seasons has expired is down to the managers discretion of when a new edition is to be launched.

    As members of the league, All managers involved will share an equal right to what goes on in the the league, how it is run or whether they should be any rule changes and any new ideas can be polled.

    The Current Rules Are These:
    1. Maximum of 1 team per member and no 2nd accounts must be used for any purpose.
    2. You must not accept ANY random in-game request from any manager that is not in the forum players league.
    3. You must spend a maximum of 35T a season with exception of the first season being 40T due to the extra starting amount of tokens when the game is launched at the beginning of L1. Tokens not used can be rolled over to future seasons. Token Buying/Farming and videos for boosters is forbidden.
    4. All screenshots of auctions of tokens used regardless of won or lost should be posted to the relevant facebook group depending on which division your in.
    5. From S2, At the beginning of each season you must declare the number of tokens you have.
    6. There is no medallion or any incentives to win the league or trophies, All competition is purely for fun and to play with other forum members.
    7. Power Training is forbidden, unless tokens are used to buy an academy youth player or when the 4 seasons of the current edition running has ended.
    8. Friendlies can be played against other members but they must be mutually agreed, You can also play the Mourinho friendly each day.
    9. From L4 any Tokens received via negotiations can be added to a players budget.
    10. A "Domestic Cup" may well be played each season, But it is not mandatory for all league members take part, this is done by the in-game friendlies system.

    Anyone who breaks the rules maybe given a warning or could be voted out by the other members.

    League Status
    Season 3 In Progress

    How To Join: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Simply state your participation of joining the league here and create a fresh new facebook account with no friends added, Then PM me your new FB link and wait for the signal from me to enter to play T11, Any early entry on T11 from an account or an account linked to some to friends will end up on the wrong server and you will have to create another account, We also need to be careful linking up new accounts to each other because facebook sometimes block them and you need a mobile number to unlock and that can mean obtaining a new SIM Card and you could lose time on the account.

    ANY QUESTIONS??? Don't Hesitate to ask in the topic!

    Participacts List - Confirmed (Received FB Details.)
    Davy Gravy
    July Fourth
    Qambu Yaasi
    Cat Harrison
    Tom Lei
    Pikachu FC
    Daiona Ona
    Mo Meow Odom
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    hmm i might join looks good

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    Count me in. So if I get this right, we start from scratch with new teams/accounts, right?

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    Yes, you start from scratch.

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    Sydney, Australia
    I'm in.
    3 Teams - mid 40's, 40 & 40.
    1. CL position every team, every season
    2. Assn in Gold 1 or Platinum

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    Sounds good! Im in
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    no buying/farming right?

    too lazy to make a new FB ATM, will send out later on
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    Hm, I already have 3 accounts and I'm starting to run out of time and will to carry on babysitting this Serbian tamagotchi, but this can be fun.

    I take that the limit of participants is 26, yes?

    Are you allowed to have any other friends who are not in this league?

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    Top eleven

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Wan View Post
    Top eleven

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