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Thread: Injuries cost you real money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Scrivener View Post
    again its your choice if you want to train that hard everyday !!! I try to buy players that can perform 1-2-3- roles to help with injuries red cards etc , thats my choice not to train too hard , I feel everyones pain with hard hit numerous injuries but just agreed thaT it is the managers choice to use reds or not ! a full squad will normally get me through a full season rotating etc .
    I agree to that, if u have a full squad its not that big of a deal, i had the first half of the season 3 of my 4 striker injuried, wasnt very happy, lost a few games but didn't end up at the bottom, just used 2 amc instead, having 20 player, no scout but all 5 stars, so not to complain, cause if u invest ur tokens into a balanced squad its much better than just to invest in 1 o 2 player....
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    Queck. {:^

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    I am totally an outlier on injuries in my Team(s). I have NEVER had six injuries at once.. Maybe I'm just lucky.
    But I do keep full squads, have super high physical stats (I use press whole pitch almost constantly,too), continually build facilities, never train to below 70%, let most heal on their own... and oh yeah.. I sell the guys that I have their stats where I want and they still get injured all the time.
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    i have 25 times injuries this season and currently i m the league leader, still i dont spend a penny

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    I've played around 1000 games in 16 seasons now.

    I can automatically recognize subtle changes in the game. This season they have tilted the table. People were stockpiling packs and they weren't too happy with it, they want you to spend real money.

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