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Thread: Targeted Injuries

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    Hidden attribute in players is well proven in the way that player form is consistant with that in effect.
    Hidden attribute also decides the training efficiency and market value of a player, especially the market value is not random but a calculated value given from the hidden attributes.

    The real question is, how many hidden attributes are there?
    Maybe, every ability skill of the player gets its own bar just like the morale, so that a low "fitness" player become more prone to injury just because his current state say so.

    Anyway, all strikers down is not that unusual even on pure random perspective. The chance of it happening isn't zero and people will have it sooner or later. If it is not the strikers it could be other positions so the chance of that stacking up isn't as low as you thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    in my team there seems to be a tendency like following.

    I guess the programmer simply programed somthing like this:
    7 stars 55 % chance of injury each match/training pass
    6 stars 40 % chance of injury each match/training pass
    5 stars 20 % chance of injury each match/training pass
    4 stars 5 % chance of injury each match/training pass
    3 stars 5 % chance of injury each match/training pass

    'this is not documented'
    Makes me wonder if it's worth investing real money into it lol.
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    Obviously targeted injuries is 100% true. My AMR/AMC was injured 3 times last Season and once this - my top assist guy. So *PROOF*

    PS. Lets just ignore the fact he was probably 8th ranked by Q and not my most important player.
    Lets just ignore the fact that my best defender has had 2 injuries in 4.5 seasons as 6/7* player; my 2nd best 6/7* defender has had no injuries in 215 matches in 4.5 seasons, .
    Its not important either that of the 14 injuries I've had over the last 2 seasons 9 have been on 3 players. We'll also ignore the fact that the 2 players currently injured are 5* backups.

    Injury prone? Injury factor? How silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wierdo View Post
    I'm not sure I buy the idea of hidden attributes. I don't think the game engine is that sophisticated.

    Like I say I noticed it last season when several of my forwards all got injured leading up to a Champions league semi-final. I spent some real money then on red packs. I think this has marked me out in some way as someone who will be willing to spend a bit of cash when hit with an injury crisis. Now suddenly most of my midfielders get injured at the same time. When they heal, this is followed by pretty much all of my strikers. Not a midfielder, a defender and a striker, which would be more realistic. But 3 or 4 from one area of the pitch all at the same time. Seems like a form of coercive monetization to me.

    One thing is clear to me. I'm not going to spend anything on red packs. I'm down to one fit striker. If he gets injured today I'll play a goalkeeper up front. I'm not giving them any money. That will just encourage them. In fact I might stop spending any money all together. I don't like being manipulated. So instead of getting a little bit of money each month from me. They'll get nothing.
    The hidden attribute thing may be true but is not necessarily true. Who is to say it is not there, but on the other hand, who is to say that it is there? It is most likely an overall game attribute that is similar to, if not exactly like, a roll of the dice on every action, during and outside, of a game. During a game, the odds are greater, while during training, not so much, unless you use hard training. the longer a player goes without injury, the greater the odds of an injury happening.

    Your physical stats, opponents game strategy, training methods, and luck are all involved in some sort of equation, every day, every game.

    Basically: its a roll of the dice. Remember, this game is most likely matrix based and relies heavily on "rolls of the dice" and looking the result up on a matrix/list. Most games where you dont get to physically choose/aim are like that - a hit/miss depending on the odds/stats.

    So the best you can do it lower the odds for injury. Dont hard train, dont friendly, dont play a newly bought player immediately (the odds of injury must be insanely high), dont play a recently healed player immediately (the odds of injury must be insanely high), and most important - dont piss off the T11 GODS! Pray to them daily for no injuries!

    Also, dont spend tokens on red packs, and dont use red packs if you dont have to. I have saved up 500 red packs on one account over the past few seasons and notice that on my other 4 accounts the injuries pile up depending on how often you use them. BTW, I dont farm tokens or packs or I would have over a thousand, most likely.

    BUT, the trade off is that your injured players dont get skill points from games/training. So you have to think about the future of your players and decide if they need to be healed or not so they can gain more skill points. Its a tough call sometimes, but if you tank, it makes your life a hell of a lot easier, since you dont have to worry about healing and you stock up all the packs you need.

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