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    OK guys, I have said enough. I will not take over this discussion. Sorry if I over-posted.

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    [QUOTE=Zan Barrage;319366]
    Quote Originally Posted by seanmeg View Post

    But Sean, you know that is a trick that you are using. It should not be possible to bank training points and pour them out at will. I know you have lost that ability now, but the fact is you should not have had it in the first place. Not if the game is supposed to simulate a football team management.
    I see your point,but this is nothing like real football,real football does not have old players going round and round on transfer markets for days and days because nobody wants them,meaning you cant sell so you cant replenish young blood ,unless you sack and buy,needing to buy more virtual money and tokens to cover,(more Nordeus greed) and im sorry but my squad only consists of 18-24yr olds for 32 seasons, my choice. NORDUES YOU WILL LOSE NUMBERS/PROFITS, STUPID CHANGE
    Lgue Wins 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20,21,24,25, 26,27,28,29,30,35,38,40,42,45,46,48,56,59
    3rd place 31,33,36,37,44,53
    Ch Lgue Wins 9,12,17,23,25,27,28,30,42,47
    R/Up 10,13,16,40
    CUP Wins ​11,12
    R/Up 23
    LEVEL 60?

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    this update is pure crap

    i hope there will be a REAL good manager game coming for android
    this update shows once again "we dont care for community, we dont care for random matchresults, we just care for more money"

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    Hi all,
    For me (and i assume others) trying to adjust for realism should not result in the way of restriction of how a individual spends his skill points, realism should not trump fun. Saying that there are improvements in other areas in the update so please do not gloss over that in favour of being 100% negative

    I agree with most feedback here but half of you don't half go about it the wrong way by CAPITALISING EVERYTHING and being a dick by hoping noredus to fail etc. If you want change here be sensible yet firm of what you want and why.

    In addition I believe the forum is a good reflection of what the general other users who do not use the forum think of the game.
    That is all.
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    As far as feedback goes.

    I like the graphical and layout changes - even if it does crash my phone in the Stadium section, but that was detected and 3D turned off.
    I'm neutral to the change to a menu based navigation - although it seems technologically like a backwards step and on a small screen can be unwieldly.
    I like the inclusion of more stats previously only available on my PC - but I regret the loss of the average rating (which I would've liked included in pc version).
    I like the new filtering on TM but I don't like the loss of the Free Agent marker.
    I don't like the size of some of the information windows for players in the Squad section - I prefer snappy summaries in plain view without the need for scrolling.
    Unless I've not found it yet I don't like the absence of control of auto-subs. (I'd assume that if a dmc was injured he'd be replaced by a dmc - but if I've been hard training him or he's been underperforming and up for sale I might not want that.)
    Club Shop**** seems to be missing from the Stadium Section/Graphic. *****EDIT - forget this the problem is actually that the Titles run into each other and the hooks are not well positioned/obvious. Just a bit messy, needs tidying up.
    Auto-application of skill points - I could learn to live with the lack of saving but its the apparent discord between qualifying for Negotiation and auto-application thats annoying. Could this have been included as an option to turn on or off.
    Swiping - on my old phone its extremely cumbersome. On the Squad overview screen in particular, it selects instead of swipes and I get an MC in DC slot XD It would be useful if there was an wider area on the LHS which could facilitate scrolling without selection.
    (and before anyone says 'new phone', I'm not filling my other devices with the crap that comes with Token offers.)
    League Table - its a petty annoyance but why is the points total in col 2.?
    Perhaps we can have more guidance on how the auto application of SP is supposed to work.

    Auto Application of SP

    I decided to apply a 'focus' on mobile on faster trainers prior to my Cup match to see if this acted as a 'guide' for the Auto-apply.

    DL/DC, focussed on Defence gain 1 SP which was applied to Defence;
    DC/DMC focussed on Defence gained 2 sp which was applied to Physical;
    AMR/AMC, focussed on Attack gained 1 sp which was applied to Attack;
    GK, focussed on Defence gained 1 sp which was applied to Attack.

    Not the result I had hoped for. Obviously I need more info on how its supposed to work.

    Additional: This will ofc have broken our Quality limit rules in the OMA league for mobile users atm and everyone in the future.

    EDIT: Oh forgot one more - the Orders tab in the bottom corner of the Squad Screen needs to be bigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100 dinara View Post
    Flooding - replying to every post or at least a large number of them in a short period of time.
    Please, try to refrain from this, and communicate normally.

    Thank you.
    Sweatheart MR 100 Dinara !!!! something we cannot accuse you of ( flooding) as since 2012 you have posted 41 times ( just over 13 posts a year ) ??? for an admin ??? do you even play the game hun ????

    Do you understand the hype you all gave us about this update , and then stop a simple thing such as add a skill point ??? seriously ?? you dont understand whats going on hun ??? or why people that play the game are angry ????

    or did you expect everyone to say wonderful job ?? amazing update ???

    No one is flooding hun we are all discussing what happened today isn't that what this forum is about ??? or do you just want to hear how wonderful your doing ???

    please tell me ( but I wont hold my breath) why did you not say we are going to do an update and ask the experienced players on here what idea's they had ???? ooooo wait is it coz you don't actually care ????

    who knows but the update is hard to navigate through and has some issues !!!!!!! wanna know what they are listen to what forum members have to say instead of abusing them hun !!!

    all my love

    MO xx

    Ps my avatar picture is Rowland !!!!!!!!!!!

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    It`s quite simple those have this update and like myself that have actually read post about it don`t want it before we get it, but am quite happy with those that do have update`s to give their approval but still guessing 98% don`t like it.

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    the update is amazing, this forum is full of haters, thank you very much nordeus
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zan Barrage View Post

    But Sean, you know that is a trick that you are using. It should not be possible to bank training points and pour them out at will. I know you have lost that ability now, but the fact is you should not have had it in the first place. Not if the game is supposed to simulate a football team management.
    What level of the game are you, Zan Barrage? I think that when you reach top of your server, you will change your mind on automatic skill points adding. Because at higher levels the only way to sell players is if they are close to the next star. That is because there only a handful of managers at the very top of the server and consequently not enough buyers on the transfer market. Personally, overall I have almost 100 skill points that I have not used for my 22 players. And this is because most of them are one skiil point away from scout. And if they become scouts, I cannot sell them, simply because there are no managers who play one level above me to buy them. Do you understand me on this? This update is really ruining my strategy, because if one or several of my 5 star players now underperform, I cannot sell them, if they become scouts in a few days. So that means that I will be stuck with a bunch of underperforming players that I cannot sell, but only can sack, which is really bad for finances. And that is why this update is horrible from where I sit. And it's not just me I guess. Best regards.
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    - auto adding skill points
    After reading many older posts and couldn't find a right answer, now with this new feature I can understand why.
    Individual skill points don't mean nothing. It doesn't affect the way of playing in a player. Just the player is (generally) getting better.
    38,5 > 38 > 37,5

    - no adding sp to a special ability.
    If it's happening, then it seemed also, that gaining special abilities doesn't make a difference.

    So, after that, at least I 'll not bother any more were to give my sp or which sa to give.

    - update wiki page
    If developers of the game don't explain basic things of the game
    (like how sp categories affects the behavior of the player
    how it works a special ability
    how it works the arrows
    How and what affects injuries of the players )
    how can we, the players, can write a wiki article

    - nice graphics
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