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    Top Eleven 2015-when-travel-goes-wrong-17-2222.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by nodhamm View Post
    what you are saying means we should NOT USE TOP ELEVEN 2015 APPLICATION as all points are automatically assigned (stupidity above all stupidity) because using of application will automatically assign points, so I will never finish special ability training

    if you pay for testers then you should fire all people who have tested this fail because miss such elementary is a sign they have not tested lot of core functionality and more complex features

    P.S. you have a sense for humor as you are kidding me with your courage to raise a poll Do you like the new features and design in Top Eleven 2015?
    I was asked as Beta Tester and had to decline ( family reasons ) but in NO WAY would i have been paid plus those that know me here on forum i will give view`s whether good or bad for game FOR PLAYER`S THAT PLAY THIS GAME, that being said if they ignored my view as a beta tester ( WHICH NORDEUS HAS IGNORED FORUM TESTER`S ) then i could actually say 100% it sucks but i`m going from what i read from here and a group in Facebook that have this update, even when they screwed up transfer market i was the 1st to protest before it hit me AND everyone else and then it did but no-one who had this update would support until it hit them and ohhhh shock they jumped on board,

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    It seems that you players Will save the SP If they have a pending offer from negotiations.

    Just like the players for sale, cant be trained, but you can bid on them!LOL ( just thinking the money i can win with this)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Cristian View Post
    we need numbers for condition to know when to train... the letters are to small ...if i PLAY 2 MIN i AM TIRED.. why auto assing ?
    I agree. Without the percentage numbers for condition/morale you do not know whether you are able to train or need to rest before your next match.

    I also agree with the text being too small/poor contrast - particularly on the Squad Player Overview to assign healing/condition/morale.
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    2015 version is Bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Warren View Post
    I agree. Without the percentage numbers for condition/morale you do not know whether you are able to train or need to rest before your next match.
    Very bad this on, and auto train is worst one.

    Transfer List i can see free agent players and others one, in transfer list. The close button of a player is a small "x" this is not a laptop is a smartphone with a finger of a man , maybe i can ask my wife to close player window.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spornybol View Post
    exactly, i`v been managing my team this way and with selling player`s too a level below to managed my finance to keep 90% of squad but with auto assign i`l be in debt in 13/15 games and best player goes on market when i`m debt because Nordeus automatically place, again auto by Nordeus ?? who is managing our club ? Nordeus or US and who`s going to buy him at higher level and if no bids do i keep him ?'s true...

    1 of my team at level 16..I just trying to sell 3 players ending with 8 but no is 5th day i listed but no response..Their performance is very oki also.This thing has never happend b4 the Im in debt coz the problem of wages..It forced me to sell 2 of my defenders that ending with 9 to recover back 130 mil debt..but still i have 56mil to go ..for example:

    Top Eleven 2015-bad.jpg
    Top Eleven 2015-bad1.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100 dinara View Post
    Here are some of the answers to the questions you are asking. Thanks for all the questions and comments, keep them coming as they do help us and we love feedback. We may not have all the answers now but we will continue to keep you posted.

    If you have Dr. Web antivirus installed, you should turn it off while playing Top Eleven.
    it doesn't work, even I deleted the antivirus but still can't log in. Many of Indonesian have this problem.

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    I am a browser version users and use Android apps as supplementary tool. I tried the new Android apps with focus on the functions that I usually normally use with mobile phone. Here are my responses:

    - In the past, the news were automatically filtered that only a small portion is marked as unread. Now, it seems many of them, probably all, are shown as 'unread'. It's hard to select important news to read.

    - In squad overview, the arrows showing players move direction is difficult to notice. The percentage of condition & morale can no longer be clearly shown as figures, or is clearly shown as that in browser version.

    - I like the new tactics maintenance screen even though I don't like its look.

    - At this instance, my team have not yet needed training. But I believe that no training intensity option will be fine to me.

    - I did not bid player through mobile phone in the past. But I love to find sorting is allowed in mobile version and may try if needed.

    - For various competitions, competition prize information is still not available. But the new playoff tree are nice.

    - It's good that club and shop are separated.

    - On watching live match of friend, the formation of the team is not updated even though substitutions are shown. I also don't like auto switching to supporter screen when a new supporter is arrived.

    - Nice to notice that the competition level of CUP is correctly shown (if my understanding is correct). My team is now level 18. My team is 1st runner up in CUP. In trophies screen, it shown that I was 5th for league level 17, 1st for CL level 17, and 2nd for CUP level 18

    - The Tickets and Bonuses screens are good to show the bonus and ticket prices of league, CL, Cup and friendly matches at the same time. That's better than browser version.

    - The stadium graphic is much better but is useless to me. In the past, I can easily figure out the purpose of each building, but not now.

    The new version may not the worst. But I do not want spend much time to adapt to it. If a similar version will apply to browser version, it is good chance for me to quit it all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    It's weird, so many new members in the forum and nobody asking about the real use of allocating sp in those three categories and nobody asking if special ability is really useful.
    Excuse mr Dinara :
    What's the difference between a ST with 50 def/ 50 att/ 50 m&p and a ST with 40 def / 55 att / 55 m&p ?
    What's the difference between a player with "corner specialist" ability and a player that has 40 more sp in attack skills ?
    What's the difference between a player with DC/DR positions and a DC with 50 more sp, that playing in DR position in a game ?

    If someone knows for sure those answers, then I could decide if I want or not auto-sign sp, or the choice to add sa or extra position in a player.

    If this whole thing is only about selling players, then why don't we ask about a chance to set a player in neg. list if he is just Q9 or Q4 ?
    well the first one, the have not given us the details on how the numbers are actually applied for them to make sense...other than 55 is better than 50 in any category.

    the second, a corner specialist would play one star above their normal star for certain situations, in this case corners, which should use the crossing attribute, logically speaking.

    the third one I cant possibly tell you definitively since they dont give that info. It depends on the position penalty for playing a DC out of position in the DR position. It should not be much after their recent changes, but based on your specific numbers, I can only assume that the DC playing in DR with 50 more SP SHOULD play better than the DC/DR in the DR position. But that is only my logic.

    Without the devs confirming this, you are out of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spornybol View Post
    yes they ( we love feedback ) but admins replying ?? where are the developers to explain ? they have posted before

    1- who came up with these idea`s T11 themself`s or user`s ?? my guess T11 as they don`t actually listen to member`s and idea`s ??

    2- you got Beta tester`s why did you NOT LISTEN TO THEM ??

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