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    All the problems of the new version:
    1) cannot see the player's condition percentage, which I cannot count for the recovering hours;
    2) cannot see the height and left or right foot of the players in transfer market, which I think is a important issue when I consider to buy a player;
    3) cannot compare with my players in transfer market;
    4) auto adding training skill is not a good idea;
    5) cannot see how many fans I have now;
    6) cannot support my friends at the same time;
    7) cannot set up to train for specialist or new role.
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    Also ... I think the new version of the game will create a huge imbalance in leagues and cups with the new training format.
    Someone else already mentioned it on here, but there's now a new tactic.
    Sell all your great players and replace them with really good trainers, but 4*. Start the new season and get put in an easier cup / champions league.

    Use all your reserved (hopefully not purchased) rests to power train them up to near scout level within the first three days. You'll then be ready for the league and have a much better chance in the cups, giving yourself a much easier time.

    The point being is that this is a tactic that will be exploited by the people Nordeus want (those who have money to burn) leaving the rest of us playing the game "normally" to not have a chance in any of the three competitions unless we want to join with that process. It will create artificially good teams, and adjust leagues and people with good teams will see these other teams arrive with no skills and then zoom past them ruining their season.

    I've already started saving, but I'm not buying.

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    wouldn't you like to know :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Synthespian View Post
    I'm still using the facebook version ... fyi.
    I think you mean pc/ laptop version . As the problem exists for people that have updated on phones / tablets . I log in on fb on my phone , but updated to teh new version . Login with fb as well on pc , but still on old version . So i'm bot using my phone for the game atm. Which when i'm working means i might not be able to do anything for most of the day.

    Although on sayign that i just had a thought..... if people login to fb via a web browser instead of the fb app , will that mean you would then have the old top11 version on your phone ???? anyone tried that ?
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    no info for you my watchers :P

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    70 tokens??

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    This is from another thread but belongs here too:

    Quote Originally Posted by PaCe Ros View Post
    Everybody was playing it with basic graphics, in the older version. Yet the concept, and the people playing it , made it an cool game. For young and old, All over the world, wanna-be managers , competing and having fun with people who shared that passion and intrest.

    As company you should do your best to take things a step further, improve it for your players/customers. Updates should be in favour to improving the experience of playing it, and not only focussed on earning more money, in unproportional fashion.
    If things improve, nobody would be tripping over trying to earn more money.

    Unfortunately, instead, due greed, Players are disgruntled, stepping away from the game, or moving over to other "similiar" games, because lets be frank, T11 wasn't and won't be the only football manager around.
    Paying customers, are stopping to spend money , as they deem it useless or a waste of money.
    Players that earned tokens by other means are quitting putting in the effort, and since with no tokens, in a token hungry game, theres no point (bad results) eventually they will quit too.
    Players that just played for the competion and interaction, with other players, quit because soon it will lack other players. (allready does in some levels).

    Offcourse some people don't mind the changes, and will continue to play..... power to them.
    Just looking at all the polls though, the majority now playing, is feeling disgruntled or discontent. surily not all will leave, however the very same thing that made T11 (word to mouth , by friends and collegues) is the very same thing killing the animo to play this game.

    Sure you can make an expensive commercial by Mourinho and a player, to get you new customers. If they had just improved the game FOR EVERYBODY , they wouldn't need to spend money on commercials. (yes, expensive..........Unless you actually believe they doing it for free, or for the love of the game) ...

    They say, time is much do YOU value your time???

    Having that said, in 10 seasons, I surily spent more than 500 euros on this "game" on tokens for scoutplayers(which often were just as effective as regular, healthpacks etc. Might seem much, and actually is, but was alll in the sake for the enjoyment and pleasure.

    It took me time working, to earn that money. So in fact on that terms , at the end of the day we all spend our precious time, one way or another.

    If you would ask me, wether now, I find it worth it...... All I can say is" I used to, now not anymore/Can't even be bothered to play it no more)....

    On 1 side, I find it a shame/pity that they killed the game like that, on the other side I am happy that they showed me that my money has better ways to put to use.

    Thats the only thing , I can really and sincerely thank Nordeus for, with their "Mother of all Updates".
    Thanks, for saving me wasting more time and money.........

    They say, "You reap....what you sow."
    It has become that Nordeus as company has totally no respect for their "product" and "players"/consumers, Realise that customers on their turn, will have no respect for a company like yours.

    Not all, but many like me for sure...............
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zan Barrage View Post
    So it's not about me and Daniel, it is about Sully and a bunch of other guys? come on. We are all entitled to our opinions. I frankly LOVE this update. Granted I am at level 8, but I like everything that they have done except for the % that I need to see. All the rest is excellent.
    well I am glad you agree its about me and a bunch of other guys. Last I heard, majority rules.

    And you are entitled to your opinion, as long as your opinion fits into our wants and needs.

    you are level 8 and I am level 17. Glad you like the update. apparently you are still in the minority.

    If you like the update, great. Will you be upset if they backtrack and allow manual assignment of skill points?
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    [QUOTE=Zan Barrage;321279]
    Quote Originally Posted by seanmeg View Post

    The madness that you are suggesting is that 149 people represent the majority of the players! Give it a break Sean. this whole forum is a tiny percentage of the users and mostly old timers. So you are over represented. Either way, things won't change because 149 people are upset.
    dude, you are SO wrong. It is because of this forum that we have friendlies that dont cost injuries and condition for those managers that dont initiate friendlies. Nordeus actually DOES listen to this "minority" on this forum. Your mistake is to think that this forum could not be considered a group of Beta Testers by Nordeus. I would hazard a guess that 149 people were upset about friendlies and BOOM! It took a year, but it changed.

    But I will just put your ignorance down to the fact that you are still a Noob.
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    hi,any body can help how to use subtitude player with new T11 2015 ,i try to click at green tab but cannot change player( anroid platform )
    my player injured while on match cannot replace.I,am so lucky have 2 phone.close the new one and open the old version than make a replace.

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    hi,any body can help how to use subtitude player with new T11 2015 ,i try to click at green tab but cannot change player( anroid platform )
    my player injured while on match cannot replace.I,am so lucky have 2 phone.close the new one and open the old version than make a replace.////

    Just click on the injured player and say 'abra ka dabra'.... it will automatically change :P

    Its very diff to make the changes
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    Auto assign appeared on facebook too this night???
    Or it's "just" a bug?
    I play no more on android version, and this morning i discovered than 1 of my players is now 6*, WTF?? (and i didn't get notification for that)

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