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    So, after one week with T11 2015, let's recap what's good about 2015, what features are missing in it compared with the good ol' version, and what bugs 2015 has:

    *********Missing features in 2015 that we had in the old version:*********

    You cannot view players' exact condition percentages - even though that is vital in order to train and grow players properly. Old version was better.

    You cannot view players' exact morale percentages anymore - that is less of a problem (but Nordeus won't sell as many morale boosters as before). Old version was better.

    Every skill point is auto-assigned. I can personally live with that, although I don't like it. What really bothers me is that auto-assigned skill points are assigned so fast that you can't keep track of what skill a skil point goes to. I know that you can set assignment preferences for each player, but the assignment itself happens with some small text flashing for an instant before it goes away forever. Combined with the inability to view exact condition percentages, this for me makes it completely impossible to keep track of players' progress, and that has taken probably the most important management aspect out of T11. Old version was better.

    You cannot view the prize money for the three tournaments - even though that is essential in order to plan your finances and assign realistic win bonuses. Old version was better

    You cannot view height, foot etc. of players on auction - even though it makes a great difference whether a winger is left or right footed, and whether a keeper is 1.66 or 1.96 meters tall. Old version was better

    You can no longer interpret the bottom-right-corner pop-ins that announce other matches, because they only show avatars (of which many managers use standard ones) instead of manager names, club names and/or club emblems. Old version was better.

    You can no longer compare two players - which, unless you have pen and paper ready so that you can take notes (come on, this is 2015 ...!), makes it practically impossible to 1) compare auction and negotiation players against one's current players, 2) compare two of one's own players so that one can set the best possible line-up for a match. Old version was better.

    You can no longer easily view which player is your team's best crosser, shooter, etc. because that level of detail is no longer available for your team in Squad view. Instead you need to look at each player's skills individually, take notes (there is was again: pen and paper needed ...!), and then find out who's best - this makes it much harder to decide who should take corners, penalties, etc. Also, you can no longer view your players' overall ratings, only the most recent five ones. Old version was better.

    You can no longer view which players are league top scorers, top assisters, top rated. Old version was better.

    *********Bugs in 2015:*********

    In Squad view, players' condition bars and morale arrows are not updated after you boost players' condition/morale until you navigate away from Squad view to another view and then back to Squad view again.

    The match overview windows nearly always load the star rating of the teams you viewed the last time you opened the window, not the teams you are currently viewing.

    You often have to start watching your own live match twice, because the first time you access the live match, the "loading" icons just keep swirling forever while the live match is greyed out in the background.

    ********Good things in 2015:********

    Graphics are much improved and not as old-skool-looking as in the old version, but I play on a tablet with a decently sized screen, I've not used 2015 on a smaller-screen phone.

    You can view the stats of the opposition's players.

    Live match experience has been improved. It is for me to see much easier to make substitutions, and the match audio feature is surprisingly fine, but the live experience is of course still far from 2 or even 3D. But all in all a great improvement from the old version.

    Cool that you can now follow if other managers have been bidding for a player that you've got on auction, while the auction is going on.


    UI graphics much improved, but the many missing features that we had in the old version but no loger have in 2015 makes the update appear as a thin lick of paint on a house that is sadly falling apart. Fair enough if Nordeus wanted to stop the tanking movement, but why did they have to take so many other vital mangement aspects out of the game? Old version was better.
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    ...Too is a non sense if I can change of name and nationality... but thats the cool side of this game, not 100% real at all and some things under your control... and don't have sense if I reach a level and I can not sell a player of any form.. so is like the market dissappeared... there are lots of things that can be more or less real but game like it was, was fun and just need some things that the players really suggested during all the time that they spent here to have something near of what we can call the perfect football manager... now is a step back... I keep looking at all what people is talking about and really all is a big non sense....

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    I don't think it is nonsense that somebody has renamed there team. I just think it shows passionately how much they liked the old version or how much they dislike the new version. It makes a lot of sense to me

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    after one week with this horrible version I arrived at one point... please reload the old version so that who want can have a downgrade. The 2015 version reallu sucks
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    I`m still waiting for 2 answer`s to my question`s from T11

    1- If this redic update (mainly auto assign ) comes on all format`s, WILL WE GET A WARNING ?? fed up with thankyou for feed back we will pass on to developer`s

    2- You ( T11 ) got forum member`s ( from different forums ) to test this new update and i know a few disagreed on this forum with Auto assign ( can`t speak for other language forums ) BUT why get these member`s too test so called new update if YOUR NOT GOING TO LISTEN ???
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    Extremely expensive ads with Jose Mourinho advertising on Sky Sports,
    • Top Eleven 2015 ,"download the app free" lol ,i,ll bet when new customers find out how crap the new version is (apart from cosmetics) then we,ll see some movement from Nordeus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanmeg View Post
    Extremely expensive ads with Jose Mourinho advertising on Sky Sports,
    • Top Eleven 2015 ,"download the app free" lol ,i,ll bet when new customers find out how crap the new version is (apart from cosmetics) then we,ll see some movement from Nordeus!

    Well their rating on the ap store as well as the comments certainly paints a good picture of what went down on the 26th.

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    Token prices have gone up since the update. They sneaked them in. I reckon the real reason behind the special ability training not been there at the moment is that they are deciding how many training points to charge for them. My guess is going to be 80 for defensive wall and one on one scorer and 70 for the rest!!

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    i can't even express how angry i am now. he's basically worthless to me now after 3 seasons of training. and he's not the only one... sighhhh

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    This update is to make the game more realistic is it?
    Ok then,where is the option for me to sack my entire scouting system?
    I have a premier league team and a conference north youth academy.
    Where are the mc/ml and mc/mr dual roles in t11?
    where are the dmc/mc and mc/amc dual roles in t11?
    This game needs more involvement from the people who play this game.You had the perfect opportunity with the beta test and blew it.
    Have any of you seen the ratings for this game in the app store?

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