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Thread: Season 64

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    Season 64-l24clt16m1h.jpg

    7.0q deficit.
    What do you think?
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    CL: Buffs FC win 2-0 away in the 1st leg. Routine match, expected to win but would've liked a couple more goals. Striker Kenny Dalglish (after his rename jinx was lifted ) opened the scoring on 24 mins from a FK and left winger John Robertson added the second in 53 mins with a fine solo run and finish.

    Robertson has now scored in each of the 5 CL matches he's played and remains the Buffs' top scorer - not bad for a 32 yo gamble.

    Performance stats were routine too with 7s and 8s only for the goalscorers.
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    My team performed well, his GK is in a very good shape which resulted in a modest victory.

    Season 64-l24clt16m1r3.jpg

    Although my GK is named MOM, he saved 3 as opposed to the opponent's GK who saved 5.

    Luckily through instinct I've pin pointed the player I should replace, my team dominated in the mid field and the opposing never regained momentum before the match ended.

    Season 64-l24clt16m1r1.jpg

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    Season 64-fkp7.png

    Easy victory vs. bottom team with a DC between posts and goalie playing as DC... Some players who score rarely had chance to do it today (Kumar - 2 goals, Jakšić, Ahmad, Andersson)

    Season 64-11.jpg
    Season 64-12.jpg

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    Halfway League Table

    We have a 3 point lead heading into the 2nd half of the league season, It's been much more difficult than it suggests as we had a difficult start to the season and also had a few fortunate wins too.

    We lost against FENERBAHCE & Rai Mong and our draw was against Djura i mornari. The bottom 3 clubs in our league are abandoned teams.

    We won 2-1 in the 1st leg of the CL, so plenty of work to do there again if we want to remain in the tournament.
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    8 point lead at halfway stage

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    League Won 11
    League Runner up 4
    Cup Won 3
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    Champions League Won 5
    Champions League Finalist 9

    Season 23 Level 23

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    The lack of an effective ST increasing the pressure.
    In today's knock out CH.L. game out, my MC and the winger scored while the scored had to be at least 2-4 but oppo DC eliminate my STs.
    Maybe I will park the bus (play a 4-2 (DMC)-4 MC) in second leg, to keep a 0-0 till I 'll find a real ST

    Season 64-ch-l-nock-out-round-1.jpg
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    League: Tonight Buffs slipped to a 2-2 draw against a rarely seen Lesser Spotted European Counterattacking ND, who now lie 7th.

    The opposition took the lead after 38 minutes from a double corner. With the Strikers struggling again the Buffs wingers once more stepped up to the plate with right winger Henderson equalising on 71 mins and leftie Robertson putting the Buffs in front on the 80th minute mark. But alas it was short-lived as the opposition forced another dbl corner immediately from the restart. The last 9 minutes were tense with Buffs maintaining the pressure but the opposition shooting from everywhere, Buffs Mad slumped as a CK was awarded to the opponent almost on the stroke of full-time, nerves jangled as Goram made the save........and everyone held their breath until it was clear Goram he;d on to it. <phew>

    This was the only really poor team performance this season with 4x6 ratings creeping in.

    Afterwards Buffs Mad said "Everyone has their starting slot almost secured, so its time to shake it up a bit with some players switching roles. Additionally, I take pride in my midfield's control of a match - there was none today, changes will be made."

    Nevertheless, news came in that 2nd had lost to the now 5th placed side that had bought former Buffs' ST Dalglish - and he even scored 2. So more a missed opportunity rather than a slip.

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    Halfway season

    Season 64-screenshot_1.jpg

    Season 64-screenshot_2.jpg

    Season 64-screenshot_3.jpg

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    Half-season Table
    AEPRE FC becomes competitive in the 3rd game of the season.

    Angus FC have been pretty much lucky in several important games, a 4-3 victory over a potential challenger FC Union MHL (Game 2), and recently, a 2-1 win over เชลซี FC (Chelsea FC) (Game 13). They have hold their unbeaten run for 11 games before it comes to end with the hand of AEPRE FC with the score of 3-2, from Oscar's 76th minute corner header goal.

    Team Stats

    Player of the Half-Season
    1st place - Oscar
    2nd place - Frederic Soumare
    3rd place - Borja Bartra/Joe Sugg
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