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Thread: Another proof that the game-engine decides winners before the games

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    Maybe after the outfield player went in goal, the team packed their defence to protect him, thus limiting the space for your players to get into shooting positions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hullabaloo View Post
    my point isnt that he should be penalized (re: possession). This is my point: in real life, if a far superior team faces an inferior one and the inferior one fields an outfield player in goal for 30 minutes - how likely is it that the superior team gets ZERO shots on goal?
    It seems to me that the outcome of the game was decided before hand, and no matter what happens in the game the outcome can't be changed. Hence my players keeps missing the goal (two times from the infamous "a timely pass to X... he must score now").

    No if my team had mustered some shots on goal but not scored, it would've been a different story.

    i wish you had actually read what I've been writing
    I didn't say that the engine knows what's gonna happen in the game...but that no matter what happens in this game, the outcome seems to have been pre-determined. How else does one explain the fact that a team far superior to the opponent cant get a single shot on goal when the far inferior team has an outfield player as goalie?
    I did read what you wrote! You think they decide the score then play the game? Its all predetermined!

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