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Thread: Top eleven and marketing

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    If this is not a bad marketing, I don't know what it is
    Critics from the google store, massive rates of 1*, complains about the new negotiations and some about troll reults.
    Does anyone check them ? (not those, they are from Greek google store)

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    As I was working for many years in multinational companies at sales department, we had many seminars about this subject.
    Remember when they were saying - It's not the sales but everything else around it.
    To have a good and reliable product.
    To know how it works and be able to support it.
    To have a trust relation with customers.
    To keep an eye at competition.
    To have information and feedback.
    The rest (sales) will come.

    Information, it's the most important in our days.
    It's worthy as gold. Much more than advertising.

    And nordeus can have a lot of information and feedback from the customers.
    It's this forum , the facebook, including all those TE fb groups.

    It's there were they can see what "customers" want and much more info and feedback.
    And it's also there were customers are asking other old customers about the "products" and take their answers and opinions.
    Is nord-guys there ? I don't know, they should be.

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    So if they don't take actions because so many new players leave the game
    - like this one (LV1) who spent his last 22 tokens for that player

    Top eleven and marketing-22-token-what.jpg

    or this one , who is in the top of the server and played with a +1 lv opponent with 175% (for his level, 80) quality
    and leaving the game after 7 years
    Top eleven and marketing-konigsblau-game-over.jpg

    that means they can afford it.
    But it's not every day sunshine.
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