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Thread: Season 79 - Are you ready?

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    Well... after a victory for 1-0 again wee are leaders and I wanted to test 2 players that I bought for 1T... as the Gk is playing and I see how he is doing...

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-t44-test-after-day-3-league.jpg

    As always to test and increase the differance, to show the internal programming and over size this, agains a lower Q. team.. I wanted to test the MC, Cruz and the DR... and I am happy with the MC, scored of head and did a good job, appeared more than the 8* Giannistanis that was sub' for the othe rMC Tchou'''(and something more lol)

    The DR too did his part so in general terma I am happy with the players I bought.
    We will try a light fight for the 17th League title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arion View Post
    They playmaker is a deep lying one. Dribbler, a waste of 50 cones
    A deep-lying playmaker is DMC/MC with high passing and creativity abilities. DMR or DML used as playmaker is nonsense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tactician View Post
    A deep-lying playmaker is DMC/MC with high passing and creativity abilities. DMR or DML used as playmaker is nonsense.
    A Xabi Alonso

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    Season 79 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    Centre forward Richards with a hat trick.

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    Dominating in the CL so far, with a pair of 5-0 wins. With our stiffest competition potentially lurking in the QTR-finals, i'm thinking playing the scrubs some in an attempt to finish 2nd, and get on the softer side of the bracket, like NIK does.
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    This is dissapointing .with the good rating listed in the picture I could only muster 2shots on goal and the only goal was scored in the 90th minutes. 3 - 0 win in the champions league.. thanks to Nik and PAP.....I really wanna know that guy he watches most of my games.
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    Ok, can we end it here ?

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-league-d3-2.jpg
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    Season 79 - Are you ready?-screenshot_2016-05-05-23-11-13.jpg

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-img_20160505_231050.jpg
    Season 79 - Are you ready?-img_20160505_231002.jpg

    Two goals, two yellows

    And for the first time i saw the playmaker ikon in live action ( A Stark)
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    Another great day with two wins, luck my players from last season are still great because the market are so busy at this time of the season and I'm not looking for auctions battles.
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    One of the sh.ttiest starts of the season ever. First round cup match. Out. First league match lost. I am now at a total of 1 win, 2 losses and -4 goals. What the? No good transfers, no fast trainers. If I find a good transfer I am always up against a high bidder. 15 tokens and people are not backing down. Sigh. Wasted 70 tokens on players (one even 25 tokens on a fast trainer Str with 1on1 SA) . Grmmlbbllll. Hope things catch up again. At least I am first in the CL.

    My second team is still in the cup, second in the league and second in my CL. I am paired with an arch enemy of mine in the CL who has a good record against me. I hope I will stay second in this poule. This is going to be tough since for the first time quality is only 5 points max with each other.
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