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Thread: Season 80 - Are you ready!

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    5 star team vs 2 star team... an embarrassing result that will cost us the league title.
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    Not a good day for us, i knew something would go wrong, after seing 4 chances going wide in the beggining of the game, soon i was 2:0 down, and the goal from Paolo, wasent enought to avoid the 1:2 defeat.

    We are now 6th
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    what the, names are starting to disappear

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    Same here when i log in from my laptop on the new version,one day i will find all my players no nameSeason 80 - Are you ready!-noname.jpg

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    This is really interesting me a lot...

    Today x2 victories and Bayern is +9 in the top thanks to a draw of the 2md vs 4th and Crystal Palace is +12 too in the top.

    I faced with Bayern a 3-2w-3-2 of low Q. and his MC-right saw a yellow... I focussed the passings there and as the player was a MC I changed to short passing to try to stay more in the centre of the field.... too late I changed to low pressure,,,, t try to provoke a 2nd yellow... and red, this time who recived a 2nd yellow was the right-side ST, so... I guess I'm not far away from control this factor and... I like it :3

    2nd goal of freeekick and 3rd of corner. So, my tips work in that.

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    The randomness of this game boggles the mind from time to time. I am number one the league. My players are in great shape (7 of them are mentioned in the 3 top fives). I am at +56 goals right now and I face the number 10 who hasn't won that much yet. His quality is 5 lower then mine and he plays the same formation. This should be a walkover. Nope, this will be another episode of GOALIES GONE WILD, but not as you think. This time my goalie takes his shirt off.

    I have my win bonus at max, training bonus at 8%, max morale. Powertrained my striker with free kick to 7 stars. Looking good. The game starts. First animation is for my adversary. Second animation for my adversary. Third animation for my advisary and he scores. I check the stats 6 shots and 3 on target for him and only 3 shots for me. Hmm, things are not going well. I don't see many red numbers yet. Another animation, this for me, oh no, he intercepts and SCORES! 2-0 behind. Still not a shot of mine at target.

    Ok, lets change formation a bit. Ah green numbers. Check again. Hmmm, a defender scores a bit low. 5,5. Get a substitute in, NOW. Wait for it. Come on, send in the substitute. Score drops to 5,1. Animation for the advisary and SCORE. 3-0 behind. What the..... Sigh. Thx for waiting to get that lagger out. Finally an animation for me. My 7 star free kick specialist takes the shot and misses...... Seriously? You ungratefull son of a ..... I spend 50 green packs on you to get that star higher. Another animation and my 7 star FK specialist takes the shot again and..... scores! Phew. Whistle blows. End score 3-1 loss. There goes spot number 1. I was far in the lead but 3 ties and 2 losses in the last 8 games sets me back. Lets hope my players will start performing better again.

    I checked the saves by my goalie though and he made 7 saves. To bad the advisary had 15 shots on target against my 5! How did this happen? Same formation, lesser players but triple the chances. Gotta love the Random number god.
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    My team's form seems to fade this time of the season if I'm in all three competitions. I struggle to win against teams I beat 0-10 in the first half of the season. In the last two seasons, once I get knocked off the cup, I find my team did better in the remaining games in league and cl. In the past, I've maintained a short bench of high quality players who basically played every game. I'm trying to do more rotations now in case there's a season fatigue factor. Also how are your win bonuses? Maybe try increasing it.

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    Lost 2-1 in CL, 5* vs mas squad of sleeping lettuces had a 2nd line in attack that did not appear for anything, good that we scored a goal and with a 1-0 will be enough... we faced a diamond formation and the match started really looking against us despite that I attended and the other don't.

    I trained yestarday the GK thinking in change it's name to Chilavert but if I'm eliminated from CL again for 3rd time been for 3rd or 4th consecutive time a cl of +1 level I will call him Chilettuce.

    In league we won and keep the +9 points thanks to a 0-1 of Doulyazal.

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    Tanking season continues successfully for NIK FC , but the mouse is roaring in CH.L. games
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