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Thread: Attention Moi: Hard Defending and The Assistant Manager

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arion View Post
    My AM is Arsene Wenger, indifferent to everyone.
    My STs are always the highest rated, yet they're being recommended. And they aren't cheap. 79T for the best. More than 2 months of collection.
    You need to consider the average quality of all your players that have the ST position together, including substitutes and reserves. If this average quality is still highest as compared to the other areas, then this is another flaw in this game.

    This game has become **** in terms of STs though; Generally, STs should miss less chances and score more goals, but in this game it seems that players in other positions are scoring more or are missing less chances. One of my 6 star strikers have failed to score consistently; he got a lot of 7s as ratings. This is another flaw that should have been fixed way before when users started to report this, but still Nordeus prefer to introduce new things and neglect some significant flaws and other issues in the game. Maybe they themselves don't know what **** they did to this game that caused many strikers to perform badly for the past few seasons or so, or maybe this was done deliberately as suspected by some forum users here. And no, this is probably not due to positioning; positioning for STs is important mainly for headers, receiving a pass and beating the offside trap. Take into consideration that Nordeus just changed the name of an attribute slot; they did not introduce a new slot. This slot was probably the handling slot found in the defense section in some older versions of the game.

    There are still big doubts whether the one-on-one scorer special ability for ST do something significant in this game for open-play situations. Some users have reported that their STs with one-on-one scorer special ability were the ones that missed a lot of chances.

    There are so many issues (many of which have been reported on the forum here) that should have been looked into and solved by Nordeus, but no, they decide to work on other things - things that will likely to attract more new users and get them addicted so that the profits can be boosted.
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    @Tactician the average score of STs is not the highest (GKs win it), but it isn't the lowest too (AMR wins it). The problem with STs is back. David has lesser impact than his previous seasons, so is now playing at AMC. We've adopted 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-2-1 as our primary formations. Interestingly, his ratings have improved. Also, there seems to be a dip in the number of set pieces now; in about a third of our games we don't have a FK. David also has been a bit ineffective from FKs. But as an AMC he's been playing extremely well, assisting the wingers.
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