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Thread: What's the point in the Cup if there's no chance to win at all?

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    omg... that's not realistic, really not.
    If you talk about realistic: Does ManU, Liverpool,... sell their best players after the season to get a better FA Cup Draw?
    Where is the chemistry between players, you hold more than one season?

    Facing higher Manager would be okay, but without using this f*cking exploit...
    Why should managers get a disadvantage to hold their team?

    So stop talking about realistic... that's a game. And this game has nothing to do with reallife-football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nash123 View Post
    But... there you have one problem: Nordeus is a money-grubbing company. If they change it to a fair competition for "everyone", they lost lot of their asian "friends" (attention: cliche), who sell every end of the season their players and buy a new full squad (mostly fast trainers) - I have one of these (surpisingly a chinese guy) on my server: last season he spends 100 Token for ONE Fast Trainer. This season, I saw him two times biding on Fast Trainer, one for 69 and another one for 54 Tokens... After buying those guys, he trained it to 7*, instantly...

    And that's a really big problem... money is all you need, to win (nearly) everything.

    My suggestion is now: Why don't make the cup like Associations? Only Stars matters. So you can't exploit the system and the asian guys will keep buying (maybe more restpacks than FT). Maybe they will even more, because they will need up to 8*-Teams to overrule everyone.
    I also think, keeping your squad like a real team will also be more interesting.
    I understand what you're trying to say. The thing is that, there are money-spending teams at every level. A money-spending team at my level still won't be able to beat a money-spending team three levels above, or in my Cup bracket, I saw a money-spending team from one level below me getting pitted against a computer-generated crap team from four levels above me. The real person still got crushed. Wouldn't that turn money-spenders away from the game?

    Also, to others who commented here, it is true that the real life FA Cup would have EPL teams playing teams from several leagues below, but that's in the later rounds. All the tiny pitiful conference teams still have a chance to advance two or three times before running into insurmountable opponents. And the FA Cup has a maximum level (EPL), not like this game where the level raises by one after the conclusion each season. And the bracket draw definitely has nothing to do with the average rating of the team.

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    i write to nordeus a lot of time for this problem!!!!
    for me, i do months that i have this problem!!
    Always play against teams 3/4/5/6 levels better!!!! Its impossible to win!!!! and always the same team who are the best!!!!

    but when i write to nordeus, they do like if there is no problem and continue as if nothing happen!!

    It's the same probleme in champions league in high level!!

    but no...... they do like if there is no problem...
    It's THE priority!!!!

    and i buy money if i have fun and i can win! in this case, impossible to win cup and champions league, 2 competitions i know i don't win, no possible to continue like THAT !!!!!
    Can you all write to nordeus to stop this...Players in low level, you must do that too, because when you will be in high level, you 'll have the same problem!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PricopGeorgeCătălin View Post
    That's actually an exploit but a legit one as long there's no rule to stop you. On another side we can't force the people to do this so you have no point here, you just play smart, watching the system, make your life easier, good to you but not everyone have the resources and the tokens to do this.

    Perry Sih
    , I agree with you and here's my old suggestion, it have years but not sure if is gonna happen, I already suggested this on January when I visited Nordeus.

    CUP is the most special competition and it don't need to be against the same levels because is same in real life, teams from first league can play with teams from 4th, 5th league but there can be a solution.

    My suggestion is to give an advantage to all players and an good shoot at least once at few seasons to win the CUP.

    I proposed a system based on levels, where teams are grouped by the levels so following this system, once at few seasons for sure you will be at the highest level.

    Level 1 always VS level 1
    Level 2 - Level 4
    Level 5 - Level 7
    Level 8 - Level 10 and so on...

    At level 2 you will have low chances.
    At level 3 you will have medium chances.
    At leve l4 you will have good chances.

    I guess is the only fair system because once again, you can't build a CUP only based on the same levels as some people suggested but I also agree with you, from time to time you must be the highest level because I noticed that some managers are never there, they always face +2,3 levels and they really don't have any chance and the CUP is just a worthless competition from them, maybe worst can increase the risk of injury and consumption of packs, tokens.
    Don't sounds more like "Khris proposed" ...¬¬'

    Khris proposed a system 3 levels by 3, 1-3 4-6 7-10 etc so at least one time every 3 seasons one have the market advantadge lol

    Well the main problem here is that the server, to do the cups, should use 128 teams, starting for the higher level.... till use all teams and then the 2nd better level... and, if theres a level or 2 "practically empty" lets say L34 and 35 with just... 2 and 2 leagues so 56 teams then here will be the main problem... but, for another side, I see that Nordeus moved some time ago teams of higher levels in other servers in order to don't stay eternally facing same opponents.... so the formula to have a good amount of teams in all levels is posible.

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    I feel your pain. It took me 2 years to win my first one. I played many semifinals, 2 finals lost by penalty kicks and many other times I've been eliminated way before with troll results. I still remember when I rage quit because a much weaker chinese opponent scored like 5-6 goals with the same player shooting from 30 meters (at least what the commentor said).
    To win one I had to use the exploit, I tanked for a few seasons and got lucky draw and then I won 2 in a row.

    But it was frustrating and not fair at all because I could win leagues and Champion's Leagues without using any exploit.
    Winning Eleven season records:

    15 Leagues won : 1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, 38 - Runner up: 8, 10, 15
    9 Champions League won: 7, 9, 11, 19, 20, 21, 24, 31, 33 - Runner up: 15, 16, 26, 34
    1 Super League won: 38
    7 Cups won: 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 33, 35 - Runner up: 9, 14, 34, 38

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