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    You guys should just quit complaining. When I wasn't getting any, I wasn't complaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahlony Wong View Post
    well... Moi will keep saying that the video offer is "depending on location and provider" ...but on the other hand, like my location has 100 video, they limited to 35 to get.... -------> what is the point of saying the video depending on location and provider??? (never answered)

    and then when we complain, Moi said this is because to make the game more "FAIR"~because many players without 100 video complain~

    OK, talking about the FAIR, then we also complain the FAIR of the CUP draw.... see the above picture in the second round of the CUP~ FAIR???
    but no matter how to complain, nothing they are doing about this stupid and unfair CUP draw!!!

    I understand company what to make $$ ~ if you cut down the video just want to make more $$, just say it.
    don't use the "fair" talk, this like a LIE!! especially we are complaining a real UNFAIR situation and you are doing nothing it for a long time!

    (some people will just say this is the system way, if you say that, then don't complain some has 100 video while you have none... why can't this is also the system way??)
    I think that you should stop complain. You have 35 free rest a day, I have 2-5. This is unfair, but this is life and I accept this.
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    This is a ridiculous thread. If you think you need, 30, 40, 100 or 1000 rests a day to recover your players, you're wrong. I've played top 11 for years and I've done sufficiently. You don't need to get so many rests unless you want 40 training sessions a day. Its stupid to think you need so much.
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    i wish i could get 35 or 100 bt i m getting less then 20. i should be thankful cos its free.

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    Aahahahahha this is ridiculous! I cant believe what this guys talking, they want 100 green every day? I dont have 5 of them every day, sometime from 0-2...

    So this thread is ridiculous like hell... Guys be happy with 30 green packs, because someone dont have 2 green packs

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    Well, I think is enough and I wanna believe that we are agree in that, this have to finish here.

    Personally, as a player/consumer I can not believe that people come here complaining for what???? 1031T are 100 euros, so you come here because the game don't consideer that is your birthday everyday of the year and give you 300 euros in boosters monthly.


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