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    I have read the previous posts on the CL draws. Whilst l have been successful in a lot of seasons( level 16 at present) l still find the system of drawing teams from a level above unfair. Teams from a level above have access to better quality players on a regular basis through the transfer system. It is virtually impossible to compete on a level playing field(excuse the pun) without spending huge numbers of tokens on special coaches.
    Surely it's fairer to play teams of a similar level even if they have higher points score since their is an equality of access to transfers. If people spend money on token purchase that's their option.
    Frustrating system when you know that the chances of success against teams of a higher level are slim. I have put up with this season after season.
    As a previous post suggested have a couple of bad seasons and you maybe more successful is an option but be warned the Nivea league is exactly the same.

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    If you gonna pit me against +1 opponent, at least give me a fair ground to compete. Me and my opp has the same shot on goal but since they stronger than me by 20% (favorite tag for them), beaten me flat 4 goals without reply. I have all condition and moral full together with best bonus money. This is how you call fair game to compete with those +1???

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    I also have this, very frustrating. Same with the cup also I'm a level below all of my opponents. Can get to the quarter final and semis but the teams are too strong at that stage. Last season got to the final of the cup but got hammered.

    There's one team already over 120% who I will have to face if I can past the next few rounds ... he could be closer to 130 by that time.

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    CL, CUP is all crap, I never play it anymore it is ridiculous to play against opponents at least one level above you thus with much better opportunities. I cut all these bollocks and play only the league, as long it is halfway equitable tournament and you don't spoil it. For the rest I don't play the idiot any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeves View Post
    Guys, we're well aware of the situation with the CL and the level disparity that happens some times.

    We're working on the matchmaker as we want to provide all of you with a better experience and a fair ground to compete.

    Ofc, you are welcome to continue the discussion.
    I still play CL and Cup 2 and 3 levels above. I start the season 105% and must play vs teams 160% or even +200%. This mean I will play every season for League only. This is not fair. The teams 3 levels above me can buy much stronger players than me. When will you fix this problem. At least apply the same sistem as for Associations, put the same stars for each club, no matter the level difference betwen them.

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    When we play against higher level opponents, at least in the CL they should appear to us the same rating as in their level just like the association. There is no reason we should be punished for having a high rated team. I deliberately finish 3rd in CL to play in SL, just cause it guarantees me more matches to play.

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    CL and CUP are ridicolous.

    Every seasons in Cup I have to play against opponents at least one level above me, and often with a strong teams; actually, in quarter finals, I am the only at level 13, all opponents are at level 14 with teams at 124% of average quality.

    It's not correct.

    In CL in my group, always I'm the only at my level.

    Why this ridiculous thing?

    If I have a good team, I can accept to play against managers of a higher level... but not so strong.

    Why I have to play against an opponent of other level with an average of 10% higher? It's stupid, stupid and stupid.

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    Exclamation Champions League

    How can this be possible?

    First place: 13 points, 6 victories, 1 draw, 1 defeat, 16 goals scored, 6 goals suffered, goals dif. 10

    Seccond place: 13 points, 6 victories, 1 draw, 1 defeat, 21 goals scored, 8 goals suffered, goals dif. 13

    [OFFICIAL] Champions league and Super league - Rules & Competition format-whatsapp-image-2017-10-27-12.51.11.jpg
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    read again the rules
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    +1 level Cup&CL... and i suppose my next season will be +1 too
    24 triples, quit at level 50 Resurrected with low level team
    Hungarian manager, ENFP-T yay

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