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Thread: Season 90 - Are you ready?

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    Season 90 - Are you ready?

    Thanks to all returning Managers!
    and a big Welcome to all the new Managers!

    Before we start, here's some questions for you:

    What have you learned from last season?
    Where did you place last season?

    Are you participating in the new Association's Cup ?
    What are your achievements ?

    What's your current level?
    What's your budget for this season?
    Who do you want to replace?
    What are your goals for this season?

    What's your training level?
    Which will be your main formation?

    Good luck to everybody this Season!

    Season 90 - Are you ready?-top-eleven-31-700x437.jpg

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    Last season this season same dream.
    What i learn the FA Asso is a mess lucky we still in platinium.
    Player no change need additional 2 defender.
    Hope no more messing up!

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    Not my best season.
    Season 90 - Are you ready?-s29results.jpg
    Away goals pooched me in both competitions and i wasn't prioritizing key league fixtures..

    I did get one accolade I haven't seen in awhile.
    Season 90 - Are you ready?-s29topscorer.jpg
    48 in 64 is a decent average.

    I wrecked 3 of my players on negotiation level that i was planning on selling. I'm slowly building a 2nd team of highly trained youngsters around 2-3* level.

    I sold my 28 yr old top scorer amc/r for 5T. Didn't see him having too many more good runouts.

    My GK is 25 and still staying at 5* level so I'm going to keep him 2 more seasons.
    Need to eventually replace club captain Miranda who turned 27 this season and is sitting at 4* currently. He has been consistently performing for 5 seasons straight.
    Got my eye on an either footed ST and an ML atm.
    150T to spend, might splash some on a recommended or the right negotiation player
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    Targets for all of my teams is simple this season :

    Claim any trophies with only one type of formation used

    Persebaya 2014 :

    4-3-3 N

    Hakurei United :


    Persebaya has signed Afghan captain, Faysal Shayesteh, and Indonesian MF, Zulfiandi, to replace the DMCs, while sacking Emiratian DF and Shinji Okazaki

    Also it will be a huge challenge for Cho because he will be playing as ST rather than attacking winger

    Hakurei United's Squad remains unchanged
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    No target this season. I'm definitely not going to buy any tokens this season. And also save the tokens given by association. I will adopt the wait and see approach since the game engine fecked up.
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    +1 CUP and +1 CL... thank you Nordeus! i guess i have to wait for 10th triple until next season
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    Not promoted and look at my opponents at the league of cremers

    Season 90 - Are you ready?-capture.jpgSeason 90 - Are you ready?-capture1.jpgSeason 90 - Are you ready?-capture2.jpg

    Maybe I can win this since my four rivals are in CL lol
    Groundhog Day visiting level - 58 -

    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

    FireCats is testing level - 36 -

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    it's Logan's time Gert
    Give some pain

    Season 90 - Are you ready?-logan.jpg
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    What have you learned from last season?
    My team is pretty good, only Nordeus' bug and HairDryer can/could beat me.
    (unbeaten streak 107 - still counting)

    Where did you place last season?
    Won the triple (+1 Cup, +1 CL)

    Are you participating in the new Association's Cup ?
    hope, we stay Platinum this season. the bug was really bad...

    What's your current level?
    season 15, manager 15

    What's your budget for this season?

    Who do you want to replace?
    Nobody, I think my team stays the same until Kraxner retires

    What are your goals for this season?
    - triple again, but it will be very hard (+1 Cup, +1 CL). We have our chinese-tokenbuyer at CL. Let's hope, we get the league without him.
    - stay platinum at FA

    Which will be your main formation?
    no main formation, it depents on opponent, but I like to play with wingers (ML, MR, AML, MR) and a DMC.
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    I don't buy token.
    I don't manipulate the draw.


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    Triple: 18x

    FA (Platinum)
    stats worthless because of
    exploiting and bug-weekend

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    Champions League and League, all together a good season for us! Waiting to see how this new season would be.
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