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    [Official] Challenge - Young Prospects

    Hey Everyone,

    Are you ready for a challenge?

    [Official] Challenge - Young Prospects-01-young-prospects-tw-70.jpg

    As we hinted, 5.7 will open up an additional and completely optional challenge that any manager could tackle. This challenge is made up of a time-limited competition. There are two competitions the first of which is the Young Prospects one. You'll find out what next one is later down the line.

    So what's all this about?

    The challenge is active for the League competition, so it's a bout between members of the League group.
    The challenge will last for 6 days.

    1) Your young players have to score goals.
    2) Only players from 18 to 23 years of age are eligible.
    3) The more goals these players score the more points your Club will earn which in turn will raise your spot in the ranking.
    Note: Keep in mind that managers will not be qualified for any reward if they don't have any points, and therefore they won't get a Token reward.

    And here is how the rankings/rewards go:
    1st place - 10 Tokens
    2nd place - 8 Tokens
    3rd place - 6 Tokens
    4th place - 4 Tokens
    5th place - 4 Tokens
    6th place - 4 Tokens
    7th place - 2 Tokens
    8th place - 2 Tokens
    9th place - 2 Tokens
    10th place - 2 Tokens
    11th place - 1 Token
    12th place - 1 Token
    13th place - 1 Token
    14th place - 1 Token

    Note: In the case that multiple managers have the same score they will all share the same ranking spot, which means that they'll all get the same Token reward.

    We hope you'll have fun with this addition to the game and please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us!

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    Look, I appreciate the effort, and the new challenges seem like an interesting way to engage managers, but surely fixing the selling mechanism within the game is a more urgent matter than developing new games? Or adding some of the features from the old system, like a hall of fame of players or a hall of flags or things like that?
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    Yeah,so now people will bid 80T for 18-20 yrs old players in auction like crazy, only to win this 10T? I say revamp the "recommended scout player" first, ability to pick their position and ability before I be interested with this.
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    its nice but ill think we have already a lot of matches and also with the new transfer sytem the servers getting overload

    and the game is not steady enough this way we are getting more problems

    because the servers cant handle it

    Why not make the game just stable so we can enjoy the game and then new improvements

    A lot of players are leaving and nordeus cant hold them with just new features

    All of us want first a stable game this way Nordeus are taking the fun away with more problems

    Playing this game now for 4 years and online about 3 hours a day

    and my opinion is make the game stable and the game-engine behaviour must be the same in whole season

    and no differents between the 1ste half and second half of the season
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    Would you mind sending me a personal message with some details about the issues you're having. The server load can't be the issues, as that is fine. It's either phone related, connection related or client related.


    We hear you, it's been a parallel effort, we're also looking at the selling mechanics at the moment. We'll share updates as soon as we can.
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    It is a nice feature, hope will see more in-game competitions soon.

    Every competition based on statistics will be a real challenge.
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    Its not fair, I just played my first league match and won 0:4, my 2 young star scores 2 each and their name not counted on leader board
    No point for me ;(

    [Official] Challenge - Young Prospects-u23.jpg
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    I can fight against a real player but can't fight against game engine (troll).
    Trolling ruin the game fun and all efforts.
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    why only u23? obiviously i know the answer just asking. ok waiting for what next. Just do it fair, theres manager who keep their best player till they retire surely those need reconition. Manager who spend their time and money to built a great team for you know what HISTORY. So that is not what you call commitment take a look and see. Read what they need not what you WANT. Really is not about those 10 Token you giving is nothing compare to what we already contribute in this game.Once again take a look and listen.

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    Strange, now its says "Start today at 10:00 PM", I played at 10:57 PM but no point for me

    [Official] Challenge - Young Prospects-u23-1.jpg
    I can fight against a real player but can't fight against game engine (troll).
    Trolling ruin the game fun and all efforts.
    We play for fun not frustration.

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    What was the point of this....?
    Who was asking for mini games?

    Is this some kind of way to try to jack up the prices even more for young players?

    We can't have history, stats, or even sell our players to humans, but we can have mini games?

    This is starting to make Sonic 06 look like Super Mario World.

    In fact, this is starting to be just like Sonic in 2006 when Sega decided to redesign everything and reboot. What we got was a ridiculous obviously rushed and incomplete game full of bugs and blatantly cut content.
    Gone were many of the things that made the series great, and replaced with some of the most stupid boring, broken, and unoriginal ideas in video games.
    They couldn't make Sonic run fast, but did give us mini games! Lots of them! They were all boring and pointless, but hey, no one noticed, since no one played them LOL.
    Just like Top Eleven, Sega wanted things to be more realistic, so obviously having an anthropomorphic hedgehog in a semi-romantic relationship with a human princess is realistic.
    I'm afraid Nordeus's attempts at realism have been equally successful.

    With that said, I think I'll go play some Sonic 06, I'll probably have better time than I'm having with Top Eleven right now.

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