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    Aug 2016
    Oh!!! A game changer update!!!

    Have not checked thoroughly, but like all the air around it!!

    Nicely done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloverfield View Post
    Oh!!! A game changer update!!!

    Have not checked thoroughly, but like all the air around it!!

    Nicely done!
    Think before take the free player

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    There are 43 days to get the free-player,I think i will get free player in the next-to-next season as i'm trying to reduce my team quality plus Khris already showed us the video what to expect by no more butterflies in my stomach

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    First bugs like:
    I have lost friends from fb accounts
    I was disconnected during my match and after fiew minutes score was different

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    I got 7Star DLDC Player..random

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    Am I the only one who thinks this feature is a waste?

    Why would I spend 699 token on 4 players, which I can not even choose from, regarding positions and special abilities.
    I can get a whole team of almost 7* scouts with that amount, with abilities and positions I like.

    You know, I'm not the scout-buyer type of guy anyway, I prefer to buy 18 year old players and train, but this is even a worse deal than scouts. I'll pick up my free player at the start of next season and thats it.
    On my second account I got a 104% (6*) ML AML 23 yo with corner specialist. Would be mad if I had spent 119 tokens on this guy.

    I really like the club history though, finally its back. Props to Nordeus for this one.
    Also like the squad update to 28. More space to sell negotiation players.
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    The new Nordeus bit during the loading screen on Android made me think my tablet had died, but other than that, good stuff.
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    Where's my bloody update?!
    Phone I can understand (it's full of crap, so no memory space).
    But why can't I get it on the iPad?
    First time ever I want to see the update and it's dragging its heels.
    Boo hoo, I'm crying into my beer.
    Cmon hurry up.

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    Thanks for the expected updated, Nordeus!

    But I have one more idea for you to make the club history even better. Most of us have a lot of players which have played in the team from their early 18th and till the pension. So for us they are real legends and it's always sad to say good-buy to these players when they reach their 33/34 as they simply disappear from your club and your life.

    So the idea is - what about making some kind of HALL OF FAME inside the club history. Give us the opportunity to add our favourite legends to this list (let's say a list of 10 players max) with the opportunity to see their stats. So in fact it will be some kind of list with our best ex-players but in this way they will really remain in our club history as the legends.

    What do you think of it?

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    Guess I'm the only one that got a ST then, he already scored two in a friendly against a higher level team.

    [Official] Top Eleven v5.14 - 14th of September-s36monaghan.jpg
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