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Thread: Goodbye Top Eleven

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    Initially, I decided to give a chance to the update but I must confess it's hard for me to find a real improvement of any kind. I am starting to think they mainly wanted to break all the tactical knowledge gathered on this forum over the years. Currently, my team is flying but I have the feeling that whatever tactic I played the results would be exactly the same. I kind of lost this feeling you have when you are absolutely sure you found the tactic that will puzzle you oppo. Now, it's more like: fingers crossed and hope one of my best forwards will find a solution to the problem. No feeling of control whatsover.
    Where I disagree with BridgeGoth is about the "new" auction system: I love it very much and to me, this is the best update Nordeus have never come up with.
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    The good news are that there isn't much left to destroy

    The old T11 destroyed by T11 2016-17, with unity instead of flash, so we can watch repeated preset "live" animations.
    The old auction system where you could build a simple 5* new 11th squad with 20 tokens or using tactics to buy or sell your players also gone.
    Scouts are more expensive, recommended most of the times useless, the same with negotiations which doesn't work good.

    The old training system was replaced by a more complicate but not better system where there are not ballanced skills with no effect in game play (unless the mutation effect ).

    Club history was destroyed by removing the history and the take over option . At least they brought back "half" of the history.

    Only associations it's an improvement and that not for high level , platinum division or top100.
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    I like current TM system more than the previous one. I like this new formation system too.

    Obviously, I don't like the amount of bugs, and the interface got worse. But mostly I don't like the productivity of Nordeus coder(s). When some hot-fixes were made it looked like a miracle, because normally it takes them months to do necessary changes. It feels like they have outsourced everything to one Indian guy, who is smart, talented, and works 24/7... alone.

    Probably the deadline for TE2018 was unrealistic, but it was too late to move it because of that contest about scoring in League. It supposed to bring old managers back ("you didn't even play but here is your rewards!") and hook them up with the new fluid formations... Well, looks like it failed.

    And I hate that Nordeus keep everything to themselves, in secret. Have a look on Blizzard, how they are doing things: the information about the game is available to everyone, patch-notes are very detailed, they are changing and rebalancing the mechanics again and again, and they have open beta-tests before important updates.
    How this game is working? What have Nordeus changed? Have they changed anything? No one tells us, and I think this philosophy of keeping everything from the public has backfired on Nordeus with this last big update.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeeves View Post
    Our request comes from the fact that we actively strive to listen and take all your feedback and thoughts to the team.
    It sounds like a joke considering Nordeus never implement features people ask for. I hope they do take all our feedback to the team, but it feels like that by "to the team" Jeeves meant "to the garbage can". We are feeding the black box with suggestions, but the output has nothing in common with this input.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxcatl View Post
    It feels like they have outsourced everything to one Indian guy, who is smart, talented, and works 24/7... alone.
    Probably the deadline for TE2018 was unrealistic
    Totally agree. This new update seems to be good, but looks like they launched it before they had appropriate time to finish and test it. Well... hehe
    I'm hoping things are fixed for the next season, cause this season is already destroyied to my team.

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    I think this auction system is way better, but the way they make so that it's not human to human and open to all levels is just dumb.
    I agree with everything else though. I have no control over the match, which makes tactics less effective. (and more random)

    I wish I could just waste this week on creating a game just like this, but I have no knowledge of programming (yet) and it will take much longer than a week to create a
    game just like this.
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    That is one good thing on games: the "not measurable" factor that we can see with the team chemistry., the FT players... but Nordeus made a totally mistery update, that messed up with the hole game and we can not differentiate what is really update and what is BUGS!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ποσιδονας View Post
    The good news are that there isn't much left to destroy
    "All changes are for the worse" is a dangerous philosophy. You will never be happy with such attitude.
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    I have been playing this game for more than 4 years and I prefer the old TOP11 in every single aspect.
    Negotiations are 50-50%
    Market is a mess
    You re giving me my tokens back? I don t care...With 20 T back then I could buy a competitive team.Now a 99% player goes for 30+ T.
    I understand that the game needs to evolve, but not in this direction...
    For me when I found first time the game it fascinated me, now it s just an ordinary game...
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    This season's a wash, so I'm just gonna farm rests and tank. When the bugs are ironed - or next season which ever comes last - out I'll start competing again.
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    Your Center forward will break his leg and you have no RED DING DONGS to heal him!

    Bye bye must have played you at one time, I hear the new FLAPPY BIRD is the BOMB! bye now! promise you won't come back. thats what I said a year and a half ago, but alas the Game is Demonic and will call you back!!!

    ALL BOW DOWN TO THE EVIL TROLL LORD MORINHOSEUX (pronounced "More-in-hole-Sucks")
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